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Of magnetic field interactions, the McGee stapedectomy piston prosthesis, made from platinum and.

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McGee platinum-stainless steel stapedectomy pistons were made with 17Cr-4Ni.

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Solutions to the problem of numbers of cases include increased observation of otologic procedures with correlation in the temporal bone laboratory. Residents should display competence in surgery for chronic middle ear disease prior to attempting stapedectomy. Finally, all procedures should be supervised by senior otologic staff and one consistent technique used. For physicians in practice, batching stapedectomies into groups with review of needed skills in the temporal bone lab followed by consecutive case completion and review of results could provide valuable feedback in regard to outcome and maintenance of required skills.

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Depletion of the pool of patients with otosclerosis occurred during the “golden age” of stapes surgery throughout the sixty’s and early seventies. Increased numbers of trained otolaryngologists and improved hearing amplification further contribute to an overall limited exposure in modern practice and residency. Stapedectomy is the second least performed procedure in American residency, as shown by Harris and Osborne in 1990.

Can a stapedectomy be Food Safety; Marshfield.Passive middle ear implant/prosthesis for MRI safety.

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Shea is also credited with the first stapedotomy, performed on a young girl in 1960. A 6 millimeter stapedotomy with piston insertion and soft tissue packing provides equally improved hearing with less risk for damage to inner ear structures. Higher frequency hearing is preserved better with stapedotomy.
Robinson summed up the stapedectomy/stapedotomy debate best by declaring the “best” procedure is the operation which provides the individual surgeon with a predictable and safe outcome along with improved hearing to levels consistent with current otologic standards.

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Above, Right ear, KTP 532 nm laser stapedectomy using a conventional piston prosthesis. Intravenous sedation was used during this surgery for a 35 year old woman with right-sided otosclerosis. Following a small fenestra stapedotomy of the right stapes footplate (after the stapes superstructure is removed using the laser), a piston-type prosthesis is placed into the stapedotomy located in the posterior half of the footplate and crimped over the long process of the incus. This patient enjoyed improved hearing with a complete closure of her air-bone gap (conductive hearing loss with absent acoustic reflexes) that was observed on audiometric testing prior to surgery.

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Above, Left ear, KTP 532 nm laser stapedectomy using a nitinol alloy piston prosthesis. This woman presented with left-sided conductive hearing loss, absent acoustic reflexes, and normal tympanometry. Following laser stapedectomy and fenestration of the footplate, a nitinol alloy prosthesis is placed into the stapedotomy located in the posterior half of the footplate and heat-crimped over the long process of the incus sing the laser. This patient enjoyed improved hearing postoperatively.