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Photosynthesis is not an immediate process. The entire chain of events will not occur as soon as the sunlight hits the leaves. Some of it will actually occur in darkness when there is no visible sunlight. Photosynthesis is split into two separate parts referred to light dependent and light independent reactions. The light dependent reaction happens when sunlight is captured and used to begin the process, resulting in the creation of a molecule known as ATP. ATP is a free energy containing molecule and is produced through a chain of steps starting when chlorophyll absorbs light energy. The light independent reaction creates glucose through the Calvin cycle, which uses the ATP and carbon dioxide to make sugar. Dark or light independent reactions occur in the stroma of the plant.

Photosynthesis consists of two stages.Chloroplast are the sites of photosynthesis in plants.

Photosynthesis: The Light Dependent Stage

(3) Exciton Transfer (Resonance Energy Transfer): Transfer of energy to a nearby unexcited molecule with similar electronic properties. This can happen because the molecular orbital energy levels of the molecules overlap. This mechanism will play an important role in photosynthesis.

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Both the LHC and the reaction centers are membrane bound structures but there are no chloroplasts in the purple photosynthetic bacteria. The electron transfer processes occur within the cell membrane and the overall process is a cyclic one (i.e., there is no net oxidation-reduction). Protons are transferred across the membrane, from the cytoplasmic side to the outside, establishing a proton gradient whose dissipation drives ATP synthesis. A similar situation holds for the cyanobacteria and plants, but in these organisms, the process occurs in chloroplasts and the overall reaction is not a cyclic one.

These molecules are used as the energy source to carry out the chemical changes in the next stage of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis consists of two stages.

What are the 2 stages of photosynthesis? 2. Ask for details; Follow; Report; Answers. CwazyStomper; Virtuoso; 2016-10-26T00:19:53+00:00. The two stages.
Photosynthesis is a very complex process. It has two stages, the light dependent and the light independent. The inputs and outputs of each stage are summarised.
Photosynthesis is a two stage process. The Light dependent reactions, Summary of stages of photosynthesis. Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis.
The two stages of photosynthesis are light reactions and the Calvin cycle; light reactions take place first, forming the photo portion of photosynthesis, while the .
The two stages of photosynthesis are the light dependent and thelight independent. During the light reactions, light is convertedinto energy.
The two stages of photosynthesis are light reactions and the Calvin cycle; light reactions take place first, forming the photo portion of photosynthesis.
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What are two stages of photosynthesis

It explains the processes of photosynthesis and respiration.
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