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I am 7 weeks post op. I have been wearing my prosthesis as I was told at the shop it is important do to my back etc. I am still sore and it's bothersome. I went 5 weeks without anything, got fitted, started wearing it and I feel more sore? I am afraid if I don't wear it for a week or two, then when I do I will not want too. I honestly have a hard time wearing the bras, as I am use to not wearing them.

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If you are uncomfortable wearing the bra/prosthesis, there are other options you may try. I wore camisoles for a while with no type of prosthesis. I also wear sports bras that have removeable bra inserts that I can put in the fiber foob that came with my mastectomy camisole. I buy those bras a size larger than I normally wear and purchase them at Marshall's and TJMaxx where the prices are reasonable. I've also purchased athletic tops/yoga tops with removable bra inserts to wear when I don't want to wear a bra. You may want to check out those two places right now because it is that time of the year that they stock a lot of women's athletic wear. I also was fitted for mastectomy bras and decided they were too tight around my rib cage. I purchased a few bra extenders from JoAnn's fabrics and now the bras fit more comfortably and what I'm used to. Hope this helps.....

It somewhat depends on your body type. I have small breasts and a bilateral mx. I had no balance issues or back issues. The fitters wanted me in a super tight bra, mostly to hold up the prosthesis. Well, that did not work for me!!

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Nude bras and underwear might seem trivial … Finding a bra for someone who has had a mastectomy is another ordeal, which 53-year-old Anuradha (name changed) knows all too …

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Hi,I agree about going to see a fitter. I know that Amoena Mx bras have the shoulder straps cut higher on the shoulders than normal bras to prevent the straps from falling down your shoulder when wearing a Prosthesis. That may help, or even the plastic keepers that you can buy to hold bra straps together at the back for wearing with tops that have the bigger cutouts at the back may just pull the strap far enough away from your port. The only other thing I can think of is a convertible bra that has straps that can be used in different configurations.