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how long the recovery will take; what instruments the surgeon will use.

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I had hoped I would be able to avoid fusion surgery, but the posts on this forum are generally positive, .I finally saw a spine surgeon earlier this year, and was diagnosed with grade ii spondylolisthesis at l5/s1, with a pars defect at l5.

Recovery from Spinal Stenosis Surgery

Doctors are likely to continue to use spinal fusion since the results are statistically longer-lasting; however, spinal fusion may not be always the best choice from a case-by-case standpoint. Investigating which patients are candidates for the less invasive decompression surgery will save both providers and patients unnecessary costs and recovery time, resulting in better care and improved quality of life.

There wasn’t a huge difference in short-term outcomes between the two groups after the surgery in patients. The difference instead was found in recovery time. Fusion patients had to stay in the hospital almost twice as long as the decompression patients.