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Many chiropractors and physical therapists use lumbar traction in conjunction with other treatments to relieve chronic lower back pain, especially sciatica.

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There are different techniques used in lumbar traction, both mechanical and manual. is a form of traction that uses a person's own body weight and gravity to stretch the spine. Inversion therapy can be performed at home but should not be done without approval from a physician.

Home cervical traction should not be done without approval from a physician, and preferably under the supervision of a physical therapist or other medical professional. Inexpensive over-the-door home cervical traction devices, which uses a pulley system with attached weights, provides up to 20 pounds of traction. There are pneumatic traction devices that can be used at home that employ up to 50 pounds of force such as Hometrac. These devices generally require a prescription and complete instruction on use by a physical therapist.