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Extension-based back pain typically is worse with standing than with sitting. These folks will present with everything from spondylolysis (fractures), to spondylolisthesis (vertebral slippage), to diffuse lumbar erector "tightness." Typically, those who suffer from extension-based back pain will have short hip flexors, poor glute function, and a lack of anterior core stability.

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How many of you have a friend who has had his back go out simply from tying a shoe or picking up a pencil? I know of a guy who squatted over 800 pounds in competition who threw out his back picking up his cat. Many spine problems are the result of years and years of cumulative trauma – repeated flexion/extension, lateral flexion, and rotation. Who is to say that a lot of that trauma didn't take place before you ever took up weight training or your sport of choice? Just ask the 4.4% of six-year olds who already have spondylolysis (vertebral fractures).(1)

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