Hemostatic dysfunction with acute fatty liver of pregnancy.

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The ability of DNA to store such a mind-boggling quantity of information lies in its structure. This beautifully complex molecule resembles the shape of a twisted ladder, which is called a double helix. Alternating sugar and phosphate molecules link together to make up the sides of this ladder. The rungs of the ladder consist of molecules called bases: cytosine (si’to-sen), guanine (gwahn’en), adenine (a-den’en), and thymine (thi’men). Two of these molecules join to form a base pair, and connect one side of the ladder to the other by bonding to the sugar molecules. Cytosine always pairs with guanine and adenine with thymine. When bonded together, a sugar molecule, phosphate molecule, and base form a nucleotide, which is the building block of DNA. Each nucleotide is typically represented by the first letter of the base it contains: C, G, A, or T.

Embryo - The developing baby in the early stages of growth, from conception to the eighth week of pregnancy.

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Chemical Pregnancy - A very early pregnancy detectable only by a blood test for hCG. The hCG level in the blood rises high enough to yield a positive pregnancy test, but then stops rising and does not lead to a clinical pregnancy, but may result in a very early miscarriage.

Fetus - The developing baby after the embryo stage, from the ninth week of pregnancy to the moment of birth.

Anti-TNF therapy is widely used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, but whether or not it should be administered to patients with previous malignancy is not known. This Viewpoint article evaluates the existing literature to help physicians gauge the risks and benefits of initiating anti-TNF therapy in patients with rheumatic disease and a history of cancer.

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Beta hCG Test (BhCG) - A blood test to determine pregnancy, it gives a positive reading if human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is present in the blood.

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Fat, protein, and lactose constitute approximately 60%, 22%, and 18% respectively, of the total energy content of sow's milk. Milk constituents are derived partly from synthesis within the mammary gland (lactose, fatty acids, some milk protein fractions) and partly by the filtration or active transport from the blood (serum albumin, immunoglobulins). There appears to be little variation among glands on the same sow in composition of the milk produced, with the exception of fat, which does seems to be more variable between glands. Fatty acid composition of the milk is sensitive to changes in the composition of dietary fat.

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Accumulation of colostral immunoglobulins must occur rapidly over the last two days of pregnancy. Despite the transfer of immunoglobulin into colostrum the serum concentration of IgG does not show a significant decrease in the sow. A liter of sow's colostrum contains approximately 1/3 of the blood pool IgG. Colostral immunoglobulins are rapidly absorbed across the small intestine of the piglet and maximum serum concentrations are reached 12-24 hours after birth. There is a relationship between low immunoglobulin values at 24 hours postpartum and piglet mortality. The quantity of immunoglobulin in sow colostrum increases with parity. Many farms practice heavy culling of sow herd; the quantity of immunoglobulin is therefore minimized rather than maximized.