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The community is exempt from judgment on my part because of their time and place. Had this excommunication went off in 1998 at the Temple Beth El of Teaneck N.J., it would really concern me that a modern American Jewish community would feel so threatened by the presence of a Spinoza and go to such great and horrific lengths to distance themselves from him. However, 17th century Amsterdam was still living in the shadow of the Inquisition and most of that community came from Spain or Portugal, having already endured the worst of “Christian Love” and the Inquisitor’s wrath. How many of them lost their fortunes, their loved ones, and their lives? How much fear did this refugee Jewish community still feel while living within the long and powerful reach of Rome? In their recent past, any and all pretexts were used to attack and impoverish the Jewish nation, and the Amsterdam Jews had plenty good reason to fear that a Spinoza, with his atheism, would bring the wrath of both Catholic and Protestant down upon them. I would have been more surprised had they not tried, by whatever means necessary, to shut him up.

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Spinoza no shared attributes thesis

This paper will provide a detailed view of Spinoza’s key ontological definition of God as the only substance, his attributes, and their co-relations....

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Spinoza was largely correct in his view that there is a single (consciousness) underlying everything, which has no causation. What he didn’t quite apprehend was that the substance depending on the observation could have more than 1 attribute or manefestation. Quantum mechanics shows that depending on how one views this substance it may have wave or particular attributes and matter and energy are differing manefestations of the same thing.

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