For text to speech conversion you have to follow 3 steps:

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The basic functionality provided by a is speaking text, management of a queue of text to be spoken and producing events as these functions proceed. The interface extends the interface to provide this functionality.

Flite is designed as an alternative text to speech synthesis engine to  for voices built using the  suite of voice building tools.

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Most speech synthesizers are able to produce a number of voices. In most cases voices attempt to sound natural and human, but some voices may be deliberately mechanical or robotic.

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The voice property is used to control the speaking voice of the synthesizer. The set of voices supported by a synthesizer can be obtained by the method of the synthesizer's object. Each voice is defined by a voice name, gender, age and speaking style. Selection of voices is described in more detail in .

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“Voiceware VoiceText™ is really good. The Voiceware American English Text-to-Speech (VoiceText™) appears to be one of the most (if not the most) natural sounding TTS products that currently exist. It is so good that it is difficult to imagine that this technology was developed by Korean technologies for which American English is a second language.” –ASR News-

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converts text data into human-like natural voice by analyzing grammatical structure of text and making its proper speech intonation. It boasts natural speech and clear and correct pronunciation with nation’s 1st Multilanguage solution.

is available in forms of wide range of embedded devices, telephony, network/server application, announcement, ASR, IVR. GPS robot, home appliances e-book, screen reader, kiosk, entertainment and many more.

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It is a solution that reads data and converts sentences into
human–like voice by analyzing grammatical structure of text
and making proper speech intonation.

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In addition to control of speech output through the interface, all five synthesizer properties can be controlled in JSML text provided to a synthesizer. The advantage of control through JSML text is that property changes can be finely controlled within a text document. By contrast, control of the synthesizer properties through the interface is not appropriate for word-level changes but is instead useful for setting the default configuration of the synthesizer. Control of the interface is often presented to the user as a graphical configuration window.

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In order to enable Google’s text to speech, go to settings > accessibility > text-to-speech output. Your manufacturer may have its own text-to-speech option, so you can switch over to Google’s here if you’d rather use that one.