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See the  for more info & support and  which has sounds and a message board for Gigasampler users.

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Layer Synthesis Project: Origin is a library that focuses on creating dark and eerie atmospheres for your project. LSP: Origin has a system with simultaneous playback of 4 tracks using 400 sounds. They can be played back and forth, you can determine the beginning and end of each track. Tracks can be modulated in various ways using advanced functions. You can modulate the volume, pan, tune, effects of each individual track.

It supports most sample formats including Giga, Akai, SoundFont and Halion.

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Bowin uses a mix of analogue synthesis and physical modelling to recreate the sound of bowed strings. Covering a range of instruments and playing styles Bowin offers a level of control that is not possible with sample based instruments, is easy to use and has a warm natural character that makes it ideal for a wide range of musical genres. It can recreate both solo and ensemble instruments and has a number of controls to alter the tonal quality and playing style. Bowin's features include:

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A new addition to the retro-gs series of instruments with a completely new build, retro-gsx offers even more SID inspired chip sound goodness thanks to the built in 'advanced wave sequencer'. Capable of recreating an incredible range of authentic SID sounds, easy to use, versatile and powerful. If you liked retro-gs01 and want even more creativity or you are just looking for a VST instrument to recreate those classic 8-bit sounds then look no further than retro-gsx. Try the demo version for free, simply download and extract the zip contents into your DAW's or Host's VST instrument directory. The demo version is fully featured but the volume level drops to silence roughly every 30 seconds.

Three Sound Synthesis Forms in One VST Instrument, …

With practical projects, helpful tips, step-by-step instructions on how to build your own software synthesizer and virtual electric guitar, and in-depth coverage of Reaktor, Tassman, HALion, FM7, B4, Pro-52, LM4-MkII, Attack and many others, will be of interest to musicians, sound synthesists, sound designers, music producers and audio professionals.

Sound Synthesis with VST Instrument by Simon …

Try the demo version of Bowin for free, simply download and extract the zip contents into your DAW's or Host's VST instrument directory. The demo version plays a noise burst roughly every 30 seconds.

New instruments and sound sources, an added granular synthesis ..

A High Quality Virtual Analog synthesizer, features :
- 2 VCO with 3 waveforms
- LFO with multiple waveforms
- 2 ADSR for sound design
- Envelope Follow
- Onboard Delay, Tremolo, Vibrato and Wah Wah
- Noise Generator
- Ring Mod, Digital / Analogue Filter Modes
- Internal preset management system, 4 Banks of Preset slots for a total of 512
- Gorgeous Graphics by ArtVera !

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Download the plug-in (1175,99 Ko) Xhip (betaversion) is a subtractive synthesizer with two oscillators, two envelopes, two modulators, two multimode filters, simple distortion, log glide, modular modulation, correctly implemented notelogic, cc to parameter routing (not implemented yet in the gui), velo to parameter routing, self generated interface (very small filesize)

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Download the plug-in (43,74 Ko) 8 bar organ.

EXD-80 Drum Synthesizer – Free VST instrument – …

Both Instruments are inspired by the monophonic and early polyphonic synthesizers of the late 1970s and while not recreating specific instruments they are designed to evoke the spirit and the sound of the era. With this in mind both instruments introduce oscillator and other instabilities to simulate effects such as drift and component saturation into the overall sound.

Instrument sound synthesis vst | …

Original string excitation issampled, and then sound is modeled.
Playing chords will add extra fat rumble, like when playing a real bass guitar.
Bass guitar range was artifically extended up and down, so that higher notes and parts can be played as well.

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