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All the topologies of SMPS are studied and their ranges of application are analyzed as well.

(SMPS) is flourishing the market very quickly in the today’s world.

Modern SMPS designs are feedback control systems. One might think at first that familiar stability analysis tools could be used; however this is not the case. The typical SPICE stability analysis centers about determination of the AC phase - gain characteristics. However, SPICE calculates an AC small signal model about the DC operating point of a network. Where is the operating point of a switching transistor varying between hard on and hard off?

(2010) Design and Implementation of SMPS Circuit using PWM Concepts. BTech thesis.

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SMPS designs represent an extreme analysis problem. At one level, the converter is switching at frequencies reaching into the hundreds of kilohertz, however, its performance requirements are dependent on feedback shaping circuits and load filtering with long time constants. Often much analysis time is required to reach the steady state conditions. Having reached these steady state conditions, if now the load is step changed, or other conditions occur, another long simulation interval is required.

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Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is the most prevailing architecture for DC power supply in modern systems, primarily for its capability to handle variable loads. Apart from efficiency the size and weight of the power supplies is becoming a great area of concern for the Power Supply Designers. In this thesis an AC to DC converter SMPS circuit, having a power MOSFET for switching operation and a PWM based Feedback circuit for driving the switching of the MOSFET, is designed and simulated in NI MULTISIM circuit design environment. Further the same circuit is Hardware implemented and tested using NI ELVIS Suite.
In this design the line voltage at 220V/50Hz is taken as input, this voltage is stepped down, rectified and passed through filter capacitor to give an unregulated DC voltage. This unregulated voltage is chopped using a MOSFET switch, driven by PWM feedback signal, to control the output voltage level. An Isolation Transformer is used to isolate the DC output from input supply. The transformer output is again rectified by the high frequency Diode bridge rectifier and is filtered using a capacitor to give the regulated DC output. A Voltage regulator is connected to give the precise voltage output.
The feedback network generates a high frequency PWM signal to drive the MOSFET switch. The dc voltage at the output depends on the width of the switching pulse. The pulse width is varied with the changes in the DC output voltage level, this change in the pulse width cancels the output voltage change and the SMPS output remains constant irrespective of load variations.

Synchronous buck SMPS is the most popular power converter topology found in modern consumer electronics.

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ii This thesis presents an analytical approach using Root-Loci method for designing optimum passive series RC snubbers for continuous-current synchronous buck switch mode power supply (SMPS).


IF we wished to be most general, for a switching model with a push-pull application, we could use the values as specified, with a steering flip-flop and a ramp frequency of twice that of the oscillator. But again, as a tutorial explanation of how to model a single ended Buck SMPS supply, this would obscure the process with details unnecessary for the purpose of this paper. Only if the simplified model did not properly represent the controller chip operation in the imbedded overall model, or were improper parameters passed to the model, due to design or other errors, would this be a concern to us FOR THIS USAGE.

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Smps1200a100 smps1200a180 smps1200a400 smps1200a700 07xx 01-05-2016 4 2 the smps1200 series the smps1200 series is a range of switch mode power supplies.

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A Caveat:
All models are approximations of real circuits. Their behavior may not be representative of all combinations of controller chips, switching elements and feedback circuits. It is IMPERATIVE, nay, a NECESSITY for all SMPS model behavior to be validated by comparison with the observed performance of the real circuits being modeled.