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The step, ramp, impulse, exponential, and sinusoidal functions, etc., are the basic signals.

Musical Analysis and Synthesis in Matlab

To complete this example, imagine a pulse train existing in an electronic circuit,with a frequency of 1 kHz, an amplitude of one volt, and a duty cycle of 0.2. The table in Fig. 13-12 provides the amplitude of each harmonic contained inthis waveform. Figure 13-12 also shows the synthesis of the waveform usingonly the of these harmonics. Even with this number of harmonics,the reconstruction is not very good. In mathematical jargon, the Fourier series very . This is just another way of saying that sharp edges in thetime domain waveform results in very high frequencies in the spectrum. Lastly,be sure and notice the overshoot at the sharp edges, i.e., the Gibbs effectdiscussed in Chapter 11.

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Lab 5 - Synthesis of Sinusoidal Signals

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I am working on a sinusoidal encoder & decoder to compress .wav files

The basis set for the Fourier transform is the smooth sinusoidalfunction, which is optimized for expressing smooth rounded shapes. Butthe Fourier transform can actually represent any shape, even harshrectilinear shapes with sharp boundaries, which are the most difficultto express in the Fourier code, because they need so many higher orderterms, or higher harmonics. How these "square wave" functions areexpressed as smooth sinusoids will be demonstrated by example.

Sinewave Speech Analysis/Synthesis in Matlab