Here are two examples of strong thesis statements:

What a thesis statement is NOT your topic Your topic tells your reader what you are talking about.

Don't wait until the last minute to draft a thesis statement.2.

Makes a statement that you’re prepared to support: Limit the scope of your thesis so it covers only the evidence presented in the passages. For example, if the passages cover why unions are or aren’t beneficial for workers, and you write a thesis statement claiming that unions are good for businesses, you have no evidence from the passages to support your claim. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

This is only a topic -This is a successful thesis statement -Why?

Your Thesis Statement is NOT a fact about your topic.

As a writer, keep your thesis statement in mind. Each proposed or considered topic within the essay should have some relevance to your thesis statement. It is the argument or focus of the essay, as well as a great structuring tool.

A better thesis statement would be: What a thesis statement is....

The expert-prediction game is not much different. When television pundits make predictions, the more ingenious their forecasts the greater their cachet. An arresting new prediction means that the expert has discovered a set of interlocking causes that no one else has spotted, and that could lead to an outcome that the conventional wisdom is ignoring. On shows like “The McLaughlin Group,” these experts never lose their reputations, or their jobs, because long shots are their business. More serious commentators differ from the pundits only in the degree of showmanship. These serious experts—the think tankers and area-studies professors—are not entirely out to entertain, but they are a little out to entertain, and both their status as experts and their appeal as performers require them to predict futures that are not obvious to the viewer. The producer of the show does not want you and me to sit there listening to an expert and thinking, I could have said that. The expert also suffers from knowing too much: the more facts an expert has, the more information is available to be enlisted in support of his or her pet theories, and the more chains of causation he or she can find beguiling. This helps explain why specialists fail to outguess non-specialists. The odds tend to be with the obvious.

Your working thesis statement2. A thesis statement is a single sentence

Although preparing for a bible study can be tasking, it can be interesting in that it involves both discussion about how the bible study will pan out and looking up information to use in it.
Weak Thesis statments
Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn is a great American novel.

Tim O’Brien shows how things are and questions them.

A thesis statement, in other words, ..

Purpose of the Thesis Statement
interpret the significance of the subject matter under discussion
serves as a road map for your essay
forms the bases for your interpretation
makes a claim
takes the form of a single sentence
How to Arrive at the Thesis Statement
Strong Thesis Statements
Through its contrasting river and shore scenes, Twain’s Huckleberry Finn suggests that to find the true expression of American democratic ideals, one must leave “civilized” society and go back to nature.

In "Sonny's Blues," Baldwin uses four female characters, three of whom are mothers and one of whom is an artist, to establish his theme that there's no way to avoid suffering in life.

Through arduous labor and love, being a volunteer at the Humane Society helps the innocent animals stay happy and healthy.

Some thesis statements need to state both a conclusion and a premise.

-Then give your reader a brief explanation (2-5 sentences) of what you will be explaining about your topic.

-End your introduction with a strong statement/claim that tells your reader what you intend to prove to them about your topic.

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Here’s this method in action. Suppose you’re writing about fatal accidents. One of your sources is the Humpty Dumpty incident, described in the preceding section, “If only.” As you scan your notes, think about the improvements that you would like to see — perhaps the prevention of shattering injuries caused by falls. What should be changed to bring about that improvement? The addition of calcium supplements to the water supply, a change in the design of palace architecture, additional training in egg gluing for emergency medical personnel, or something else? One of those ideas becomes your thesis statement: