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(page 2 of 2) One of the advantages of these new, short, synthetic heparins is that they can be synthesized in 10 to 12 steps (vs. Fondaparinux, over 50 steps!) in high yields. This is because they are made chemoenzymatically - made using special chemical cofactors and specialized enzymes. Because enzymes are very specific in how they link molecules together, many synthetic steps can be skipped or can be done at the same time. Here, heparin and heparan sulfate biosynthetic enzymes were used to transform a simple disaccharide isolated from a bacteria into two synthetic ultra-low molecular weight heparins. Making heparin synthetically will help ensure that this important drug is chemically pure.

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We present a simple nearest-neighbor (NN) approach that synthesizes high-frequency photorealistic images from an "incomplete" signal such as a low-resolution image, a surface normal map, or edges. Current state-of-the-art deep generative models designed for such conditional image synthesis lack two important things: (1) they are unable to generate a large set of diverse outputs, due to the mode collapse problem. (2) they are not interpretable, making it difficult to control the synthesized output. We demonstrate that NN approaches potentially address such limitations, but suffer in accuracy on small datasets. We design a simple pipeline that combines the best of both worlds: the first stage uses a convolutional neural network (CNN) to maps the input to a (overly-smoothed) image, and the second stage uses a pixel-wise nearest neighbor method to map the smoothed output to multiple high-quality, high-frequency outputs in a controllable manner. We demonstrate our approach for various input modalities, and for various domains ranging from human faces to cats-and-dogs to shoes and handbags.

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