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NF: Even though I didn’t write Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, I never felt left out of the creative process. I think that if I did, I would have pushed a bit harder, but I was always included. On Fuzz more than Shaun Of The Dead, and then obviously I wrote this, so I never thought, “Oh, I should be writing too!”

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You get the picture. A lifetime of pop culture references were weaved into Spaced, featuring PlayStation-playing, pot-smoking layabout Tim Bisley, named for the 2000 AD artist Simon Bisley, with its nods to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Woody Allen's Manhattan, Robot Wars, The Shining and Fight Club. Similar references helped Shaun of the Dead find vocal fans in pop-culture aficionados Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Robert Rodriguez and Stephen King, which scarcely hindered Pegg's stock in America. JJ Abrams was another fan. When geek culture went mainstream at the turn of the century, as the revenge of the nerds happened, Pegg was perfectly positioned. In a recent appearance on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, Pegg joked he would have done the Star Trek reboots if his pay had amounted to nothing more than being allowed to keep the uniform. Let's assume it was a joke.

Seventies and Eighties TV and cinema informed his life in other ways, too. A trip to London for his seventh birthday took in childhood perennials the Natural History Museum and Madame Tussauds, but also BBC Television Centre in Wood Lane: the young Pegg pushing his face against the glass like a Victorian orphan outside a cake shop. His dorky obsessions even helped introduce his mum to his step-dad — the latter ran the local shoe shop and hand-delivered an order to the Pegg house: red-and-white trainers inspired by the Six Million Dollar Man. As a teenager, he chose to go to Warwickshire College mostly because Ben Elton went there. Moving to London he alighted in Cricklewood, TV home of surrealists The Goodies.

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Simon Pegg says he is often struck by the irony of his adult life, in light of his childhood passions: a lot of the sci-fi he loved growing up is now reflected in his CV. Zombie movies, the comic 2000 AD, The Unexplained magazine, Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Encyclopedia of Horror Movies. On the one hand you think: well, his childhood passions weren't that unusual, there were thousands of boys in Seventies Britain into that sort of stuff — it's not surprising some ended up in showbiz. Then again, Pegg was really, really into that stuff. Particularly Star Wars.

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In 2006, Pegg and Wright completed their second film, , released in February 2007. The film is a police-action movie homage and also stars Nick Frost. Pegg plays Nicholas Angel, a London policeman who is transferred to rural Sandford, a fictional village situated in Pegg's home county of , where grisly events take place.

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One morning I watch Simon Pegg having his photo taken in a London hotel. These pictures will be used by Paramount to promote Star Trek Beyond. Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock, is in the building, too. The photographer has 12 minutes to get the actor in various different set-ups. He tells Pegg he looks like he's in shape. "I am in shape, yes," he agrees. "I've had nothing to do but work out for the last few months."

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What does Simon Pegg, cineaste and blockbuster-maker, think of cinema now? "Film is becoming like TV and TV like film. So Marvel films are two-hour episodes of a bigger story. Whereas, the scope and imagination you now see on television… , particularly, is a great example. At the end of the last series there was this amazing battle that was just extraordinary, unlike anything you've ever seen on television before. The two mediums are swapping over. And because we now have 'cinema screens' in our houses, the distinction is blurred. What people assume is the benefit of theatrical presentation is the size of the screen, and it's not. The true benefit is sitting and watching something with a lot of people you don't know. The community of cinema is what people forget. I saw Toy Story 2 on its opening weekend at the Odeon Leicester Square and I remember saying to my friend, 'I think that was the best film I've ever seen'. Because the experience of watching it being so fun."