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This is the reference page for academic references for persuasion-related topics.

Essays on Early 17th Century English Literature

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Simon Fraser University is conducting an archaeological excavation at Namu (right) under professor Roy Carlson. Unearthed artifacts include 32 flaked stone tools such as bifacial points and knives, choppers and scrapers, and ground and pecked stone tools. In 2005 the museum created a virtual exhibit describing the Namu excavation: .

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Western Australian Television History (WA TV History)

Simon joined the communications industry in 1984 and spent 13 years at three great advertising agencies - Davidson Pearce, GGT and WCRS (where, as Marketing Director, he was responsible for both business development and client services).

But on top of being their most popular song, "Rock the Casbah" is—true to its power-to-the-people message—also the Clash’s most audibly democratic. In contrast to Joe Strummer and Mick Jones’ traditionally stratified vocal turns, "Rock the Casbah" complements Strummer’s on-the-ground reporting with Jones’ and Paul Simonon's broadcasted chorus; and, even while in the throes of a heroin addiction that would soon get him ousted from the band, drummer Topper Headon supplies the song’s signature piano hook and its proto-house pulse. Even if Middle Eastern geopolitics have become way too complicated over the ensuing three decades for anyone to suggest that Western rock music could topple caliphates, the unifying potential of "Rock the Casbah" remains undiminished. —Stuart Berman