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This paper will examine how reading in the L1 is different from and similar to reading in the L2.

Similarities and differences between subcultures and counterculture

The ways in which we evaluate and examine different works of literature can drastically affect the way that a story or poem influences or even the way in which it impacts the reader.

Another difference between the circulatory system of minks and humans is the names of veins.

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Moreover, Athenian democracy shares a great deal of similarities with our government such as equality before the law, meritocracy, and open society....

While these religions have some similarities, they also have some distinct differences.

What are the similarities and differences between subcultures and counterculture? Provide examples of each. Also, compare and contrast ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. Provide examples of each.

Such difficulties may be greater when there is a greater difference between the L1 and the L2.

Create thesis statement base on similarities and differences/ English

Althoughthere are (or despite there being) a few minor (or trivial orsuperficial) differences (or similarities) between (subject # 1) and(subject # 2), the similarities (or differences) stand out remarkably(or are unambiguously clear or clearly distinguishable).

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Although there are a few minor differences between the causes that lead to World War I and those that led to World War II, the similarities stand out remarkably.

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List the visual similarities here. Be sure to use ART VOCABULARY like columns, pediment, dome, arch, etc. What type of layout is the structure (central plan? basilica?) Discuss plan, elevation, interior and exterior decoration. Your list should include at least 5 similarities (though not each column will have the same ones. Line them up. See example below.

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Despite the common theme of death running in the two poems Fear No More by Shakespeare and The Leveller by James Shirley, the differences in the presentation stand out remarkably.

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It is therefore important that teachers know as much as possible about the cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds of their readers since many of these factors that influence reading in an L2 context.This paper will examine how reading in the L1 is different from and similar to reading in the L2.

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Despite seeming similarities existing between studying in high school and college, the rigors involved in the two phases of school life are clearly distinguishable.