Research interests: Pipeline ADC, TDC, SAR, Neuromorphic system

A feed-forward topology is selected for the implementation of the CT Sigma-delta modulator.

Research interests: Delta-Sigma ADC

The method to convert data from Analog to Digital form through Delta Sigma ADC is accurate because it uses the oversampling technique, decimation, noise shaping and filtering to reduce the quantization noise and obtain a high resolution with an improved SNR.

Research interests: SAR ADC, Neuromorphic system

FPGA based sigma –Delta analogue to digital converter design P.

Although the Sigma-Delta converter is generally implemented using a common clock to define. Delta-sigma modulation - WikipediaDelta-sigma ΔΣ; or sigma-delta Although the Sigma-Delta converter is generally implemented using a common clock to define.2-1, 2-2 and 2-1-1 MASH Delta-Sigma Modulator for 18-Bit Audio Digital to Analog Converter Olga Joy L.

MS Thesis: Design of Low Power Pipelined SAR ADC with Gain-error Calibration (2017)

Deliyannis, Delta-Sigma Modulators: Modeling, Design and Applications (Imperial College Press,London, UK, 2003.
[4] AbdelghaneDenbdouga,NourEddineBougechal, Souhealkouda and Samir Barrea "Modeling of second order sigma delta modulator with imperfections"international journal on electrical engineering and informatics vol.

MS Thesis: Design of SAR-assisted Cyclic ADC with Gain-error Calibration (2014)

Delta-sigma modulation - Wikipedia

Yet recently, continuous-time delta-sigma ADCs have gained popularity.A Brief Introduction to Sigma Delta Conversion Introduction ing deeper into the sigma delta converter.

Both ADCs and DACs can employ delta-sigma modulation

First function, named ctlooft, synthesizes a loop filter for a CT Sigma-Delta modulator, and the other, called ffcoeff, calculates the parameter coefficients for feed-forward implementation of CT modulator.

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The dissertation is based on investigating various topologies of amplifier circuits used in the integrator that could potentially reduce the power consumption of the Delta Sigma ADC.

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3, MARCH 2003

Behavioral Modeling of Switched-Capacitor
Sigma–Delta Modulators
Piero Malcovati, Member, IEEE, Simona Brigati, Member, IEEE, FabrizioFrancesconi, Member, IEEE,
Franco Maloberti, Fellow, IEEE, Paolo Cusinato, and Andrea Baschirotto,Senior Member, IEEE


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MULTISTANDARD, FULLY-INTEGRATED RF RECEIVERS, MS thesis from UCBerkeley by Kelvin Boo-Huat Khoo.

the Sigma-Delta (Σ∆) ADC has emerged as the ..

A method for reducing the complexity of a multi-bit DAC ina sigma-delta ADC. The DAC resolution can be made to be less than that of the quantizer by canceling truncation error present in multi-bit DA... Truncation errors are introduc...

Low-distortion delta-sigma topologies for MASH architectures

The first part of this two-part paper, published separately, discusses the quantization noise leakage problem caused in cascaded delta-sigma (MASH) ADCs by the imperfections of the first-stage analog circuitry.