This occurrence is also seen in the development of second languages.

The Ph.D. in second language acquisition requires the following course work.

• whether there is a best age for learning a second language;

More generally, the above shows once again the importance of affective factors in second language acquisition, especially the potentially negative impact of anxiety. Aoki (1999, p. 149) suggests the development of a “psychologically secure environment”. Clearly, participants in this study found such a secure environment in the digital game. They confirmed this in their responses on the questionnaires, which showed they felt they did not have to be embarrassed or anxious to make mistakes within the game. Participants also felt that playing the game and communicating in English went together and that they were therefore less conscious of themselves. Participants mentioned other benefits too, such as the ability to develop their vocabulary, the fact that they had to respond quickly and therefore became more fluent, and that they could practice English outside the classroom.

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• the importance of grammar in acquiring and using a second language;

There were some changes in the way participants rated their communication skills (see Figure 5). In other words, while only 6.2 percent of participants considered their English communication skills as “good” before taking part in the study, 44% claimed that their English communication skills had improved over the three digital game sessions because game play had made them feel relaxed, confident, and in turn more willing to use the target language. Similarly, the observation of the actual communication behavior of this group showed their improvement in both the quantity and quality of their language production. More interestingly, students who were normally shy in face-to-face class tended to become less reluctant, increase participation levels, and express themselves in a different way through the games. However, the participants who still considered their communication skills as poor after digital game participation reported that they did not achieve any improvement because they were unable to stay focused on second language communication but tended to concentrate on the game itself. When observing their transcripts, it was found that this group of students hardly initiated any conversations, often delayed their responses to other players, and always used only simple words, abbreviations and emoticons.

Module 1 - Learning Context: Second Language Learning Theories across Disciplines

In more recent years, researcher’s level of interest has dramatically increased into why language learners have a problem being fluent in their second target language.

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What are the processes of language acquisition.

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Other studies support an age limit in second language acquisition.

While this debate remains ongoing, many adults are seeking to learn a second language either to communicate with a new client base or to attain higher status within a corporate setting.

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An exemplary analysis (VIET/GER/ENG):
3.1 Sociolinguistic background
3.2 Vietnamese as L1
3.3 Common Mistakes, Code Switching and Language Proficiency


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Applicants normally have a good BA or MA degree in a language, and an interest in the educational aspects of applied linguistics. Some prior professional experience in second language education is desirable (for instance, in teaching, assessment and teacher training).

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Many public schools do not begin teaching second languages until high school, and all college students must study a foreign language in order to graduate from the university....

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