It affects the growth of the plant as photosynthesis is reduced.

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It gives a distinctive ‘mosaic’ pattern of discolouration on the leaves which affects the growth of the plant due to lack of photosynthesis.

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There are two types of phototropism – positive and negative, and these represent situations where plants grow towards or away from the light. Both of these situations can occur to help plants survive.

Plant Structure and Photosynthesis Plant are unable to move from place to place to seed out the perfect condition for photosynthesis.

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GCSE Science. An interactive labelled diagram that explains what goes on in electrolysis of copper.

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Year 7 science lesson plan: photosynthesis ..

Auxins are plant hormones and they are found in the tips of plants. They make shoots grow towards the light and therefore help them to grow better.

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Respiration and Photosynthesis in plants

Positive phototropism is the growth towards light and this is good since plants cannot photosynthesis without sunlight, so it is important that the leaves grow towards the light.

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