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How do you write a hypothesis? What is it? How do you come up with a good hypothesis?

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You just discovered something new and showed that what we expect is not always what we get.

As you can see on the Science Fair Rubric the best hypotheses make a clear prediction and are based on some scientific knowledge.

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My hypothesis is testable and the results will link to my aim.
Level 5: I have made a clear prediction of what I think will happen using scientific knowledge/research as justification.

So you may add to the example hypothesis that "the higher the temperature that seeds are kept at, the quicker they will sprout because in nature warmer temperatures are often shown to aid germination while cooler temperatures can slow or stop germination."

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We recommend that you use the buttons above and go through The Steps in number order, at least the first time. On the page, you’ll find links which explain what a science fair is and why it’s worth doing. Once you have the basic idea, be sure to read up on the . Then go on to , learn about , and finally get help on .

How to write a science fair hypothesis

Ask yourself what happened… do the results agree with your hypothesis… how can you analyze the data to help others understand your project. Make charts and graphs to represent the data to help you analyze it.

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Science Fair projects can take up to three months, make sure your work pays off by taking a few minutes to schedule your time and write down deadlines you have to meet.

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Next, draw conclusions from your work. Your conclusion is a summary of the results and discussion of how the results relate to the hypothesis. Does your conclusion answer your original question?

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From the results, I came to the conclusion that (What did you learn? Were you right/wrong? It’s ok to be wrong because then you can talk about what you learned, which is the point of the whole science fair. Did you enjoy the process? Is there anything else that you can draw from these conclusions?)

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Write a report detailing your science project. Include what you did, how you did the project, and what you discovered. Be sure to write about your plan and your experiment. Include your data, and perhaps some of your charts and graphs that help interpret your data. Use the background information earlier as references where appropriate.