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Although the subject matter obviously tends to frame the book around the work and ideas of "onegreat man" (and, ironically, a man the author asserts would not have liked to have been the subjectof a book), Maxwell nonetheless manages to provide not only a comprehensive account of Schiller'sown intellectual biography, but also relevant accounts of scholars who had directly and indirectlyinfluenced Schiller's work, and also of scholars who were influenced by Schiller. This community ofscholars, of course, included both those Schiller wrote against and those who wrote against him, aswell as scholars whose work shared certain theoretical and methodological affinities. The story,however, does not end here. What is most significant is the book's documentation of the extent towhich Schiller's work was shaped by the agendas and aspirations of domestic and internationalsocial movements struggling for a more democratic communication order and more just society. Thus,just as Schiller's own radical students at the University of California, San Diego, and theirsocial justice-oriented pedagogical goals inspired his book The Mind Managers, nationalliberation struggles and attempts by post-colonial nations at formulating national communicationand cultural policy within and against the imperial system led Schiller to write Communicationand Cultural Domination, a book that does not simply outline a descriptive thesis of culturalimperialism, "but rather presents a thesis of resistance against cultural imperialism" (p. 62) andwas "Schiller's contribution as a public intellectual to the ongoing deliberations over how toformulate a communication and cultural policy within and against the imperial system" (p. 62).

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: Individualized, Classroom, and Schoolwide Approaches, 2nd edition by Ronald C. Martella, J. Ron Nelson, Nancy E. Marchand-Martella and Mark O'Reilly (Sage Publications) One of the most critical issues facing teachers and related-services personnel today is behavior management. Behavior management consistently ranks as the most concerning issue in surveys completed by school personnel. Unfortunately, most do not feel well equipped to deal with the multitude of behavior problems they see every day in the schools. The authors say they wrote with these individuals in mind. It is critical for teachers and related personnel to receive high-quality training in behavior management; a solid textbook written by experts in the field that incorporates evidence-based best practices is an important foundational aspect of this training.

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The book should appeal to a wide readership. Experts will find new insights and appreciate theopportunity to rediscover and reinterpret Herbert Schiller, reinvigorating their own research alongthe way. The novice will be thrilled at being introduced to the field of critical communicationresearch in this holistic, yet concise and readable, examination of some of its core arguments anddebates through the vivid story of its most original and influential analyst. The intermediate -and I have in mind here graduate students, and especially those who, like Schiller during his ownstudies, are struggling to finish while carrying a heavy teaching load and trying to raise a youngfamily - will have their own reasons to read this book, not the least of which might be to findpersonal and academic inspiration through Schiller's example of engaged and critical communicationscholarship. Maxwell's book will serve as an excellent core and/or supplementary textbook forundergraduate and graduate courses in media and society, the political economy of information andcommunication, and the history of communication thoughts as well as for courses on methods incritical communication research. It should also be of great interest to media and informationpolicy activists, alternative media practitioners, and political journalists struggling for a moredemocratic global and national communication order.

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