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What Is the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

* According to the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, because language is so influential I have included multiple definitions I have found of the theory as to best describe the theory.

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis illustrates the stucture of one language strongly affect the world-view of its speakers....


Founder of ethnolinguistics, which considers the relationship of culture to language.
In 1931 he wrote: ”A thorough description of a linguistic structure and its function in speech might provide insight into man’s perceptive and cognitive faculties and help explain the diverse behavior among peoples of different cultural backgrounds.” Benjamin Lee Whorf Born April 24, 1897, Winthrop, Mass., U.S.—Died July 26, 1941, Wethersfield, Conn.


In linguistics, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that there are certain thoughts of an individual in one language that cannot be understood by those who live in another language.

The hypothesis states that the way people think is strongly affected by their native languages.

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To what extent does language influence how we think and how we perceive the social and physicalworlds? The famous but controversialSapir-Whorf hypothesis, named after two linguistic anthropologists, Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, argues thatpeople cannot easily understand concepts and objects unless their language contains words for theseitems (Whorf, 1956).[]Language thus influences how we understand the world around us. For example, people in a countrysuch as the United States that has many terms for different types of kisses (e.g. buss, peck,smack, smooch, and soul) are better able to appreciate these different types than people in acountry such as Japan, which, as we saw earlier, only fairly recently developed the wordkissufor kiss.

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Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis (Linguistic Relativity) The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that language is not merely a way to express ideas, but that it effects the range of ideas that we can have.

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"Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis" is a misnomer as the men never co-authored anything and never stated their ideas in terms of a hypothesis Sapir–Whorf Hypothesis (Linguistic Relativity) A hypothesis holding that the structure of a language affects the perceptions of reality of its speakers and thus influences their thought patterns and worldviews.

Human languages determine the structure of the real world as perceived by human beings and that this structure is different and incommensurable from one language to another

The structure of a language affects the ways in which its speakers are able to conceptualize their world.

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Studies about relationship between language and culture and between language and thought have a long history and have placed a much conferred proposal to modern linguistic: the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis....

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linguist noted for his hypotheses regarding the relation of language to thinking and cognition.
Studied Hebrew and Hebrew ideas, Mexican and Mayan languages and dialects, and the Hopi language.
Influenced by Edward Sapir, at Yale University.
Developed the concept of the equation of culture and language, which became known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis.
Thought that “the structure of a language tends to condition the ways in which a speaker of that language thinks.