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In fact, thereverse is true; the Barbados date is the youngest of thethree examples.

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It is just the same with mobile phones and cancer. In this country, one textbook (“Approved” by the examining board) uses this as an example of “Controversy in Science”. It gives the case for phones causing cancer completely unjustified prominence.

The other example would have Isaac Asimov – of whom I am a big fan BTW – rolling in his grave.

William Ruddiman and the Ruddiman Hypothesis

A more rational appraisal than PCF would take to task doomsayers of any stripe, and not pick and choose criteria for the moment which ultimately have little to do with the study of science induced hysteria. For example, if an Idso paper is rated (uncharacteristically) warmist for downplaying the effect of aerosols, then a Budyko paper which accepts the cooling effect of aerosols, together with a high sensitivity of ice ages to minimal temperature changes (Budyko 68), should be listed in the warm column:
By the same token when North, or Lindzen and Farrell take issue with the overly sensitive and ice prone models of Budyko and Sellers, they should be classed with the skeptical Idso, when of course Lindzen and Idso we really skeptical of climate instability generally.

(Also citation needed – even just name say five specific examples of such petrified forests?)

There comes a time when you have to call it quits. C O’N can throw out bullshit faster than I can clean it up. Anyone who can’t see through it, well, you’re destined to remain a doomsday cult fanatic. If I were to demand of this particular doomsday cultist a few examples of predictors of global warming from the 70s–not of possibilities but prognoses of dangerous warming–he would just ignore it and blow more smoke. And listen up any seekers of truth: this is the norm; this has been the modus operandi from top to bottom for 30 years now. They have to ban the dangerous websites to keep their deluded fanatics deluded. –AGF

However,modern Antarctica has the further complication of largeice shelves that serve to buttress the glacial ice (tingle,1984, for example).

among other irregularities that invalidate the criticism

The deep-sea INTO recordclearly demonstrates that isotope stage 2 and isotope stage6 are comparable examples of maximum glaciation duringlate Pleistocene time.

Ruddiman's hypothesis is not universally embraced

Aharonexplained these highly anomalous 6~80 values by callingon dramatic global cooling accompanying a Wilson hy-pothesis surge event (see Flohn, 1979, for a convenientreview of this and similar topics).

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While this relationship is generally proposed by most working on late Pleistocene materials, the relationship is grossly vio The validity of the constant tropical SST hypothesis isan ongoing research problem.

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Taking all of these data literally, one is left with theunsatisfactory proposition that isotope stage 5.5 (equiva-lent to New Guinea reef VIIa) achieved a level somewherebetween +2 and +6 m relative to present sea level byremoval of an ice sheet in a manner inconsistent with theWilson hypothesis, whereas isotope stage 5.5 was fol-lowed closely by a glacial surge (and resultant New Guineareef VIIb) that was consistent with the Wilson hypothesis.

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A1 though mechanisms can be envisioned that might cause this number to increase slightly (increased atmospheric CO2, for example), such mechanisms generate negative feedback (increased frequency of hurricanes, for example) that is poorly understood.

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While the West Antarctic surge hypothesis remainsexciting, the observation could equally be explained byslight deviations of East Antarctic ice sheet from equilib-rium conditions by either more rapid flow or insufficient.