There are many other examples of coupled oscillators[7-16].

For example a pair of pulley blocks with 3 pulleys in each will increase the force by 6.

One can never prove the truth of a statistical (null) hypothesis.

In inflection, the final n is ordinarily going to be lost or written with the following syllable; but we can add a diacritic to show that it is without a vowel.

The gyroscope provides an interesting and unusual example of the conservationof angular momentum.

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Another common example of this idea is the problem of where to releasean object from a moving airplane in order to hit a target on the groundand then to find where the airplane is in relation to the target when itis hit.

Some more examples of Devanâgarî writing can be seen in the essay on .

It is also possible to represent a logogram in this system. If the woven symbol does not have any accompanying knots, then the symbol serves as a logogram that represent the entire word of the symbol's meaning. Hence, for example, the Pachacamac symbol by itself on a quipu cord would read as .

This is an especially interesting example of the equilibrium of a rigidbody.

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The current did not flow through any of the materials except the metal. I think I would have a different result if I used a bigger battery or electricity from the wires coming into the house. CONCLUSION My hypothesis should be partially rejected.

A hypothesis is an explanation for a set of observations

It can be established without doubt that quipu was a living and breathing communication system employed by the Inca Empire successfully to keep track of its financial, tributary, and commercial records. However, much remains to unknown and obscure. It might be more than an accounting tool and might in fact be a bona fide writing system, but we are uncertain of what contents are kept within the knots. Quipu research is ongoing and many discoveries are yet to be made, but the pace will be tempered by a lack of a viable "Rosetta Stone". Only time will tell what secrets quipus are holding.

Here are examples of a scientific hypothesis

For example, if the can has an initial velocity of 1 m/s,the fractional increase in its mass as it comes to rest amounts to lessthan 1 part in 1017!

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The following example are three segments from a level II cord (UR068) and a segment from a level III cord (UR067), laid out such that the summation of level II numbers match the values in the same relative positions on the level III cord.

The Disturbance Hypothesis of Light

For science fairs, you'll get a higher grade if you do things with math rather than verbally. Make measurements anddraw some tables and graphs. For example, you could figure out a way to tell how fastthe magnets are turning. Maybe use a non-electric hand drill, so you cantell the revolutions per second. Then measure the generator AC volts fordifferent speeds of magnets. Then plot a graph of RPM versus speed. That answers the question of maximum voltage. Orfor a different experiment, always spin the generator at the same speed,but remove more and more turns of wire while measuring the volts. Thenyou can make a graph of number of wire-turns versus outputvoltage.

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Whether this matches the intention in Greek, or exactly what it would even mean in German or French, is a matter calling for further consideration.
Another striking example of cognates across Indo-European languages are all the following words for "is" -- modern French and Persian pronunciation is given in brackets.