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Starch synthesized through photosynthesis is stored in the stroma in the form of granules.

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N2 - In photosynthetic cells, a large amount of hydrogen peroxide is produced in peroxisomes through photorespiration, which is a metabolic pathway related to photosynthesis. Hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species, oxidizes peroxisomal proteins and membrane lipids, resulting in a decrease in peroxisomal quality. We demonstrate that the autophagic system is responsible for the elimination of oxidized peroxisomes in plant. We isolated Arabidopsis mutants that accumulated oxidized peroxisomes, which formed large aggregates. We revealed that these mutants were defective in autophagy-related (ATG) genes and that the aggregated peroxisomes were selectively targeted by the autophagic machinery. These findings suggest that autophagy plays an important role in the quality control of peroxisomes by the selective degradation of oxidized peroxisomes. In addition, the results suggest that autophagy is also responsible for the functional transition of glyoxysomes to leaf peroxisomes.

This membranous structure plays an important role in survival of the cell.

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Tiny vesicles bud off from the inner membrane of the chloroplast, and assemble to form the tubules of peripheral reticulum.

Chloroplasts are the site for photosynthesis, which comprises a set of light-dependent and light-independent reactions to harness solar energy and convert it into chemical energy.

Peroxisomes play the major role of digesting complex fatty acids including aiding in photosynthesis.

after endosymbiosis involving a bacterium capable of oxidative phosphorylation (becoming mitochondria) and endosymbiosis of a cyanobacterium capable of photosynthesis (becoming chloroplasts). Evidence for this theory includes the structure of the DNA and the ribosomes of mitochondria.

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This tutorial introduces vacuole function

Ensure to leave spaces for mitochondria, and do not overcrowd the cell.

Chloroplasts are the food-making organelles of the plant cell since they are the site for photosynthesis.

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They play a vital role in several metabolic processes of the cell, especially during seed germination.
Making a plant cell model is an easy and fun task.

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In addition to this the components of chloroplast participate in several regulatory functions of the cell as well as in photorespiration.

The role of chloroplasts in photosynthesis has been illustrated below followed by a description of the roles of different components of chloroplasts

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For example, photosynthesis which is a characteristic of the plants is performed in the chloroplast; while synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a form of energy, takes place in the mitochondria.

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This ability is conferred through the presence of specialized organelles called chloroplasts, commonly referred to as the 'kitchens' of plant cells.

Chloroplasts are plastids that contain a network of membranes embedded into a liquid matrix, and harbor the photosynthetic pigment called chlorophyll.