The importance of photosynthesis may be appreciated by considering the overall reaction:

The more CO2 in the air, the better the rate of photosynthesis is.

Here is an actual lab you and your lab partner will conduct together. You will be able to see if all of the specimens of aliens release bubbles when exposed to light. Record everything in your individual lab journals.

Aim: We will be trying to see if light intensity has an effect on the rate of photosynthsis.

Importance of Light in Photosynthesis ..

Defects in axon guidance are known to underpin a range of developmental diseases including autism, mental retardation, schizophrenia and accurate axon guidance is required for successful regeneration after disease or trauma. At present neuronal connections of the central nervous system do not regenerate at all, and regeneration in the periphery, in the arms and legs for example is slow and often inaccurate. Our laboratory uses transgenic zebrafish, cultured mammalian neurons, along with optogenetics, sophisticated time lapse imaging and genetic manipulation to examine some of the cellular mechanisms that regulate axon guidance in the developing embryo.

Aim: To see if raising the light intensity increases the rate of photosynthesis.

* Ensure pond weed (approx 7-10cm) has previously been kept in a
well lit area, is very healthy & photosynthesising well ( Nip end
of weed with nail)

* Set up pond weed, as in Diagram b, in a large beaker of
approximately 1 litre of fresh water at 23 degrees centigrade,
covered by a funnel & test tube.

Prediction:I predict that raising the light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis.

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Review all results from this lesson. How might you change the model you have been working on to determine the energy source of the aliens? Revise your model accordingly to reflect all the new information you obtained.

Photosynthesis Lab Report: Basic Laboratory …

New information has just been discovered about the aliens. The aliens’ skin is reported to taste sweet. One of the researchers accidentally placed one of the specimen samples in his mouth. We need to investigate what the skin contains that would make it sweet? Record everything in your individual lab journals.


A lot of organisms emit light. Of course you know fireflies, but there are also otherluminescent organisms such as some fishes, mushrooms, bacteria, dinoflagellates, andshellfishes. The culture of luminescent bacteria is not difficult. What you have to do isto get a strain of luminescent and harmless bacteria and raise it in a suitable culturemedium. A bacterium widely cultured and used also for lessons in schools is the Photobacteriumphosphoreum, now renamed: Vibrio phosphoreum.
Search for information about the mechanism of the bioluminescence. You can findinformation for this culture and general information on the Internet at sites listedlater. There is a lot of information on bioluminescence on the Internet. There are evenamateur sites devoted to this topic. You can buy the Vibrio phosphoreum at commercially,such as the ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) .You can find other firms of this type on the Internet, using the keywords: culturecollection. Also try the links for the protists experiment. These companies also supplythe culture media and in their sites you can often read their composition.
: In these experiments, need thehelp of a biologist to avoid culturing dangerous microorganisms. Even with help, keep thecultures only for a short time, wash your hands, wash and disinfect all tools which havebeen in contact with the cultures.
Utilisation Pedagogique de Bacteries Luminescentes (in French)
Luminescent Bacteria
Bioluminescence in Plankton and Nekton (there is a list of luminescent organisms)
Flash! Bacterial illumination
Isolation of Pure Cultures Of Bacteria (Please, read the safety warnings present inthis website)
Bioluminescence Web sites
Internet Keyword: luminous bacteria luminescent bioluminescence luciferin luciferase.
To find companies which sell strains of microorganisms use the keywords: culturecollection.

Are the insects which fly around lamps at night attracted by light or heat? To find out,use a clothing iron and an electric lamp. The electric lamp produces light with a littleheat, the iron produces only heat. Put both on a table. Keep them at least a meter (abouta yard) apart and with the emitting surfaces turned away from you. Note the differentbehavior of insects. Mask the lamp with plastic sheets of different colors and verify ifbugs are more attracted to a particular color. This is also a method to capture nighttimeinsects, particularly moths, so you can observe them with a lens or a stereoscopicmicroscope.


"We will continue to answer ““How do Aliens obtain their energy?”” You will be responsible for studying this problem in your original group of two, reviewing new sources of information on the aliens and revising your models/solutions and presenting your new solutions to your classmate.