Roger Wolcott Sperry pioneered the inception of the Chemoaffinity ..

Roger Wolcott Sperry was a noted neuropsychologist and neurobiologist who ..

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Sperry's laboratory in the Division of Biology at Caltech also became a center for many new studies on nerve regeneration in fish and amphibia, reinforcing his earlier work on chemoaffinity and genetic control as major factors in neural development. His interests in learning began to take full form during the early years of this period, and in 1955 he published a short provocative paper on the nature of the conditioned response, in which he emphasized the role of transitory facilitatory motor sets and "perceptual expectancy" that continues to have a profound effect on work in this area. It was also at Caltech where Sperry began to develop, along with a growing number of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scientists, his "split-brain"

culminated in Sperry's chemoaffinity hypothesis ..

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This brief review is inadequate to describe Roger Wolcott Sperry's multiple talents and inspired contributions to science, art, and philosophy. I have tried to provide a few examples of the far-reaching, global effects that emerged from the synaptic interactions, transmitters, and circuitry of his brain. No doubt these were quite similar to most other brains. But the mind that emerged from those interactions was truly unique, for it not only stimulated and inspired his students, colleagues, and friends, it has stirred as well the minds of thousands of others and will continue to excite and inspire new thinking from generations of minds yet to emerge.

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For the next twenty years the work of Sperry and his collaborators revolutionized our understanding of brain function. They elucidated the unique capabilities of each hemisphere and demonstrated that the combined effect of bihemispheric activity amounted to more than the simple additive effects of the two separate hemispheres. Sperry's brilliant studies on the functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres won him a share of the 1981 Nobel prize for physiology or medicine.

This hypothesis proposed by the neuropsychologist Roger Wolcott Sperry ..