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Helicons and their Surface Mode - Helicon plasma theory

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Helicons and their Surface Mode

The collection's twelve essays are organized into five thematic units: "Unmarked Sexuality," "Wayward Sexualities," "Gender Slippage in Literary Constructions of the Masculine," "Male Constructions of 'Woman'," and "Female Construction of the Desiring Subject." The first category is represented by one essay, Jonathan Walters' "Invading the Roman Body: Manliness and Impenetrability in Roman Thought," whose central argument is that "the Roman sexual protocol that defined men as impenetrable penetrators can most usefully be seen in the context of a wider conceptual pattern that characterized those of high social status as being able to defend the boundaries of their bodies from invasive assaults of all kinds" (p. 30). Although Walters does not signal the fact, much the same thesis has already been presented for Greece (above all by Halperin 1990 and Winkler 1990). Indeed, Walters' essay is marked by a noticeable lack of reference to previous scholarship on any number of points; even when one finds acknowledgment of predecessors, it is spotty. Thus, for example, we read of "the characterization, widespread in the public discourses of the Greco-Roman world, that sex is a one-way street, something one person does to another" (p. 30), but we find no citation either of ancient evidence or of modern scholarship on this "widespread" conceptualization, although Halperin 1990 and Winkler 1990 again deserve citation here. On p. 31 Walters writes that "in Roman society, the only culturally condoned male homosexual relationship was that between a sexually active adult citizen man and a sexually passive male, usually younger, who was a slave, an ex-slave, or a noncitizen" and adds in a footnote, "See, for example, Gonfroy 1978 and Verstraete 1980," neglecting the considerable amount of work that has been done on this point since the publication of those two articles. Here a reference to Richlin's and Cantarella's books at the very least is called for. Walters' brief discussion of the controverted (pp. 34-5) cites only two works of scholarship (Berger's 1953 and Lilja 1983), but there have been several important discussions of the law both before and after Lilja, including Boswell's 1980 , Dalla's 1987 , Cantarella's 1988 , and Richlin's 1993 "Not Before Homosexuality." When Walters goes on to stress the crucial difference between free-born and slave boys in connection with the law (pp. 35-6), his discussion, citing no previous scholarship, might leave non-specialist readers with the impression that he is proposing a novel hypothesis. That is hardly the case: see Veyne 1978, Cantarella 1988, Fantham 1991, and Williams 1995 (all cited in the collection's bibliography and most in Skinner's introduction, but none in this essay). Finally, Walters' discussion of masculine impenetrability fails to cite a basic term of Roman discourse on this point, (for which see, e.g., Fantham 1991 and Richlin 1993), and leaves unexplored the nuances of another important term, (for which see especially Fantham 1991 and Williams 1995), glossing it simply as "illicit sexual activity" (p. 34).

The first course helps you build a strong foundation. Mass tapped Charles dockets rod energizing rod boswell thesis airbrush standardizing.

As part of the effort to make the originalhelicon references visible to the world, we have placed the complete text of on this website. Written some 14 years before the papers which made the physics community aware of the discovery, Boswell'sthesis, as you will see,contains a full description of Boswell's ground-breaking experimental series on helicon plasma production. The thesisalso contains a discussion of Landau damping as a possible mechanism of the rapid ion production in helicon plasmas (in Chapter 4),and the conclusion that Landau damping cannot explain what is observed in the lab.

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