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Some blacks also believed that the riot was a planned conspiracy to steal their land.

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A former truck driver from Lysi, he served as a lieutenant in the mainland Greek Army from 1948 to 1952. He was EOKA’s second in command, an effective guerrilla, killed 4 March 1957 in a 10-hour-long battle near the Machairas Monastery in the . His final battle was between his small gang and the Security Forces, including members of the Duke of ’s Regiment, the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers and the Grenadier Guards. Of the 5-man Greek Cypriot gang, four surrendered. Despite his comrades’ surrender, Afxentiou refused to come out of the cave. Eventually a Royal Engineer dropped gasoline into a hole in the roof. It was set alight and the cave exploded. When the troops were able to enter, they found his charred body. Underneath was a copy of “Christ Recrucified” by Abbot Irineos.

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This one has a very interesting image. It shows a “tourist” map of Cyprus with all the areas that one might want to visit to fish or hunt or see ancient ruins. However, there is a terrible pool of blood across the center of the island, obviously representing the murders committed by the EOKA. We consider this “grey” propaganda since the British pretend that this leaflet is written by a Greek Cypriot. The text is:

How many were returned is not known, but at least one NCO of the Royal Signals, based at Dhekelia was sentenced to nine months’ detention and reduced in rank for distributing leaflets urging security forces to answer EOKA terrorism with violence against Greek Cypriots. In another case, a member of the Royal Air Force was removed from his job at .

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Another measure that the British adopted was to put a red “X” on the names of fighters who have been arrested or killed, in order to weaken the morale of the Cypriot people. I should mention that this is still done today, most recently on the wanted poster of Iraqi officers and officials after the “Operation Iraqi Freedom” invasion.

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Moreover, some incidents of torture, lack of discipline and retaliation stigmatized the British forces. With the exception of some occasional low quality infiltrators, the British authorities were unable to attain any cooperation from the Greek-Cypriot community.

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I concluded 2015 with, a collection of drawings documenting 21 out of 23 transgender people who were murdered in the United States in 2015. The majority of this violence targeted women, particularly black women and women of color. Please remember transphobia and racism are systemic epidemics. I was originally commissioned by The Advocate to create 9 of these, but felt it was necessary to continue the work and remind viewers to protect eachother and smash this system together. Eventually, ran all 21 for the Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 21, 2015. I wasnt able to collect photos of every trans person reported murdered, unfortunately, so this is a work in progress (as a lot of my work is). You can download this poster for free by following this link: .

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The above wanted poster is for Neophytos Sophocleous, a Greek Cypriot employee at the Governor's Mansion. He placed a bomb under Field Marshal Sir John Harding's bed in March 1956. It failed to explode and the unsuccessful assassin fled to the mountains where he joined his EOKA comrades.

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Britain had tried to use detention camps as they had done with such success in Malaya and . Based on Emergency Laws, the British government arrested and jailed whoever it considered as suspect without ever proceeding to a trial. Whoever was arrested during the first years of the fighting was taken to the Central Prison of Nicosia, or to the . Following that, the Kokkinotrimithia detention camp was opened, and was used as a prison for thousands of Greek-Cypriots. It is believed that the population of Greek Cypriot suspects housed at never exceeded 1600.