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Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University (Fall 2014 - present)

Computational and Applied Mathematics Department, Rice University

Rice University makes its graduate theses and dissertations available online at no cost to end users. These electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) cover the period from 1918, when the first dissertation was issued to H. E. Bray, through the most recently processed graduating year. Occasionally a thesis or dissertation may be be missing from the repository. If you are unable to find a specific dissertation, please let us know and we will attempt to make it available through the repository, provided that the author has not elected for it to be embargoed.Browse this collection by the following additional categories. These categories may also be accessed from the right hand navigation bar.

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Rice University Electronic Theses and Dissertations

CLEAR is a robust and dynamic Linux cluster with exciting features available to Rice students and faculty. The cluster is designed to offer a Linux environment available for teaching and courseware needs. For research needs, the is a more appropriate environment.

Admission to graduate study in computational and applied mathematics is open to qualified students holding bachelor's or master's degrees (or their equivalent) in engineering, mathematics, or the physical, biological, mathematical, or behavioral sciences. Graduate study in computational and applied mathematics pursues the components of the undergraduate curriculum in greater breadth and depth. Department faculty evaluates the previous academic record and credentials of each applicant individually. For general information, check the .

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The General Announcements (GA) is the official Rice curriculum. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the GA and any other websites or publications, the GA shall prevail as the authoritative source.

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These Rice University college application essays were written by studentsaccepted at Rice University. All of our sample college essays include thequestion prompt and the year written. Please use these sampleadmission essays responsibly.

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Since Rice opened in 1912, the university has recognized the importance of graduate study and research as a principal means of advancing knowledge. The first doctor of philosophy degree was awarded in 1918 in mathematics. Since that time, graduate study has expanded to encompass the schools of architecture, engineering, humanities, management, music, natural sciences, and social sciences, as well as interdepartmental programs. Rice now enrolls approximately 2,800 graduate students and offers advanced degrees in 37 fields of study.