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In order for a hypothesis to be sound, hold tight to these tips:

Interval scales maintain an equal interval between numbers. These scales can be used for ranking and for measuring the interval between two numbers. Since the zero point is arbitrary, ratios cannot be taken between numbers on an interval scale; however, mean, median, and mode are all valid. Example: temperature scale

My health improves during the times when I drink green tea only, as opposed to root beer only.

B. The Sociological Perspective

Highly technical (high demand) jobs like software engineering pay the same (or even less) in areas like Palo Alto than they do in Dayton, Ohio even before you consider the CPI. The desire by many people in computers to work for companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple and Facebook creates an over supply that drives wages down. (There is a reason I work in the Midwest.)

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HPM 715 Health Economics for Policy and Management (3). Provides training in the theory of health economics, and applies this theory to important issues in health policy and management. Fall. ()

A statistical hypothesis is an examination of a portion of a population.

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This could also explain in part why workers and companies in certain sectors/industries tend to cluster geographically. Jeff Bezos indicated that he moved to Seattle to start Amazon because he would have a good pool of talent there to hire software engineers away from Microsoft. This looks like a good example of labor being bid toward a company that can get a higher return on their skills at a given point in time, which could have been harder if Mr. Bezos needed to convince them to move across the country.

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It wouldn't surprise me if the inherent density of workers in cities is a sufficient mechanism for the better economic performance of cities due to lower costs of switching firms, so that more efficient firms can bid highest for workers. I think labor markets will generally function better in cities because transaction costs for workers to switch firms are lower when they don't need to bear the large social and economic cost of relocating. This is especially true in a two-earner household. When your neighborhood has 10-15 companies in your industry it's a better guarantee of good employment opportunities than 1-3. Likewise, workers who have a lot of employment options are more likely developing their skills from being fully utilized rather than stagnating in a company that is past its prime, because they can more easily move along to another firm.

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The Public Health Informatics Practicum is designed to help students conduct research and/or develop public health informatics tools/projects, and further develop professional skills and knowledge essential in the public health informatics field. Students will participate in weekly (2 hr) informatics discussions with their practicum preceptors and will have an opportunity to meet and interact with successful health informatics professionals.
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There are more reasons why it hasn't caught on yet & I don't see where moving the point of delivery to a Walmart or the home (do people really want a health care professional assessing what's in their refrigerators?) making a huge difference.