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A third ANOVA was conducted on all on-line learners versus all off-line learners, regardless of the subject matter studied (Table 3). In order to obtain this data, the on-line data collected from Cohort A was combined with the on-line data collected from Cohort B; and the off-line data was combined respectively (Figure 2). This analysis revealed statistically significant differences for the item "Content covered topic." This item was rated more favorably by the off-line cohort (1.83 vs. 2.37, alpha 0.048), and the item "Interaction was evident" was rated more favorably by the off-line cohort (1.90 vs. 2.48, alpha 0.035).

The two main, well documented findings of SLA research of the past few decades are as follows:

In a typical on-line learning environment, each student is provided with access to a virtual classroom. The instructor posts lecture notes and related literature on the Web and organizes classroom discussions that are completed through Web conferencing. In addition, chat group sessions are held and student presentations are posted to websites. found that faculty members are more likely to use a wider variety of educational technologies when exposed to distance learning. For example, enriched their on-line teaching and sense of learning community by expecting students to participate regularly and consistently in class discussions on the Web and by requiring responses from each student to their peers' on-line presentations.

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The relationship between language and culture

Cognitivism The information processing or connectionist models, on the other hand, which see learning as the strengthening of associations and the automatisation of routines, lead to much more behaviourist views of learning. Thus learners are seen as central to the acquisition process, in the sense that they have to practise until patterns are well established, and external variables take on a much greater role. For example, the role of input, interaction and feedback, and how they can speed up development, is seen as much more crucial, as is the role of practice in the development of fluency and control of the L2 system.

The role of English in Hungary and in the world

UG If the development of the L2 linguistic system is primarily driven by learner-internal mechanisms, requiring the learner to map the L2 input onto an innate highly constrained linguistic blueprint, then all the classroom needs to provide is linguistic input, and learning will take care of itself. In this view, the L2 acquisition process is seen as very similar to L1 acquisition, and children do not need to be taught grammar in order to become fluent native speakers. The UG view of language learning is consistent with the approach, in the sense that both believe that learning will take place if rich natural input is present. It is important to stress though, that the two approaches developed independently of one another, with UG evolving out of the need to understand how children acquire their mother tongue, and then being applied to L2 acquisition, and communicative language teaching being the result of the perceived failure of or by teachers, who felt that they did not prepare learners for real life communication needs. , was influential in articulating the first model putting together these views of learning and teaching, and the subsequent work on the role of input and interaction helped us better to understand how different kinds of interactions may contribute to providing usable input for the learner (; ; ; ).

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Even if one accepts the view that language development is highly constrained, possibly by UG (and, after all, the robust developmental routes that learners follow, as illustrated earlier, seem to be a strong argument in favour of this view), it is not the whole picture. We also need to understand many aspects of the SLA process other than the acquisition of syntax and morphology, such as lexical acquisition or the development of pragmatic and sociolinguistic repertoires. Moreover, if developmental sequences show how learners construct the L2 linguistic system, they do not tell us anything about how learners develop their ability to access in real time the system they have constructed. In other words, if we believe UG constrains the mental grammars constructed by L2 learners, we still need to understand how learners become more fluent.

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The next ANOVA was conducted for the second three-week block as students studied a new subject matter (Table 2). Two statistically significant items were identified: the item "Content covered topic" was rated more favorably by off-line students (1.79 vs. 2.71, alpha .029), and the item "Communication skills required" was rated more favorably by on-line students (1.64 vs. 2.43, alpha .05).