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To highlight some aspect of your sampling strategy (i.e., the situated nature of your study):

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There are a number of components to the research strategy that you select to guide your dissertation. These components include things like your chosen: (a) research design; (b) research methodology; (c) approach within a research methodology; (d) research method(s); (e) use of longitudinal data; (f) sampling strategy; and (g) data analysis techniques.

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Kuhnen, C. M. (2009). Business networks, corporate governance and contracting in the mutual fund industry. Journal of Finance, 64(5), 2185-2220.

Other than these major components, thesis also includes Preparatory pages (title page, acknowledgement page, table of contents, List of tables and figures and the abstract), References and Appendices.

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Berger, J. A., & Fitzsimons G. (2008). Dogs on the street, puma on your feet: How cues in the environment influence product evaluation and choice. Journal of Marketing Research, 45(1), 1-14.

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Now that you have a sense of these different components, it is time to think about creating your dissertation title. When you have done this, you need to think about the style of your title. Since dissertation titles often follow a specific written style (e.g., APA style, MLA style, AMA style, etc.), which explains when to capitalise words, which words to capitalise, how to deal with quotation marks, abbreviations, numbers, and so forth, we provide some guidance in .

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