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A breakthrough study conducted by PNNL and researchers from the University of Washington and Oregon Health & Science University shows how using a relatively simple method for engineering nanoparticle heavy-metal sorbents may lead to an advanced method for eliminating toxic heavy metals from aquatic systems and drinking water.

The test will be to find out the relationship between light intensity (voltage) and the rate of photosynthesis.

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Researchers com bined genomics and proteomics with an automated computational tool, known as RiPPquest, to help translate the chemical language of microbes into biological function.

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Fuel cells hold the promise for green power, but a challenge in making them practical for commercial application is overcoming the high cost of platinum catalysts required for oxygen reduction reaction in the air cathode. Researchers, using specialized equipment at EMSL, reported new insights into how the atomic-scale structure of nanoengineered trimetallic alloy catalysts can be tuned to affect the fuel-cell performance over time.

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A new material that is highly selective in capturing carbon dioxide and that has a surface area the size of a football field in just one teaspoonful has been designed by researchers at PNNL. This material could separate carbon dioxide emissions from other flue gases at power plants, capturing the CO2 as a relatively pure gas for permanent storage.

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PNNL researchers are looking for protein biomarkers that can be used for early breast cancer detection with blood tests. Current detection methods — including mammograms and self-exams — typically find breast cancer after it's established. The goal is to find a method to diagnose cancer before it can grow.

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In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists at PNNL determined how durable four-component glass is when aluminum atoms are replaced by boron atoms and vice versa. The research supports continuing efforts to manufacture a vitrified form of glass that safely encapsulates the waste.

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The U.S. is looking to nuclear power as key in the sustainable energy mix of the future. To achieve higher power levels, researchers now are turning their attention to advanced fuel designs. PNNL is developing a new metal fuel for light water reactors intended to safely increase the power output of the existing reactors up to 10 percent, depending on the original reactor design.

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Affordability of batteries key to harnessing wind and solar power Future batteries used by the energy grid to store power from the wind and sun must be reliable, durable and safe, but affordability is key to widespread deployment, according to research by PNNL scientists. Their findings are one of the most comprehensive reviews of electrochemical energy storage to date.

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Researchers at PNNL, the University of Michigan and NOAA found that soot landing on snow on the Tibetan Plateau can do more to alter snowmelt and monsoon weather patterns in Asia than carbon dioxide and soot in the air. The study contributes to better understanding global climate change.