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An example is a system of two fluid queues, with contents that are being driven by a background Markov chain in such a way that the content of the second queue also depends on the content of the first queue.

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The shipping industry plays an important role in today’s global economy as it is a facilitation mechanism for more than 90% of the world trade. However only in recent history thousands of incidents and accidents involving ships have resulted in loss of life and property - not to mention environmental damages of different magnitudes. It is estimated that over 80% of all maritime mishaps are presently attributable to human element and onboard human actions. However, from early in their career, mariners have to attend formal learning environment to gain skills and knowledge that they need to practice safely onboard ships. Yet, little is known about how this learning applied practically on the job, i.e., what is transferred from one setting to another and how this transfer occurs. Through the investigation of the mariners in their formal learning environment (marine colleges) and in their workplace (on board ships), it is the utmost purpose of the present ethnographic study to understand the implications of this discussion in reducing the shipping accidents. The database will be composed of videotapes, field notes, interviews and documents. The implications of this study are relevant to workplace learning research in general and to maritime education and safe shipping practice in particular.

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An eExam occurs when a candidate takes their own computer into a supervised and timed assessment. This study will build on a national eExam project to look at adoption of the technology across Australia, and survey the impact on teaching practices. It takes the view that what is taught is only what can be assessed. If assessment is on paper, then many skills and attitudes are left untaught.

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A large body of literature suggests that early infant feeding has long-term impacts on adult health outcomes. Using data from the West Australian Pregnancy Cohort Study followed from before birth to now 26 years. In this project the candidate will examine the impact of early infant feeding (breastfeeding, formula feeding) on long-term cardio-metabolic outcomes including anthropometry data collected throughout childhood, adolescence and into young adulthood.

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ADVENT is a prospective cohort study investigating the interplay between psychosocial and biological factors relevant to symptoms of depression and anxiety in post-myocardial infarction patients at 12- and 24-months. Aims of this PhD project are to examine:

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STAREE is a placebo controlled randomised clinical trial based in Australian general practice to examine the net effects (risks and benefits) of low-dose statin therapy (40mg atorvastatin) in apparently healthy elderly individuals free of established vascular disease, both of which impose a major and increasing health burden. It will also assess the efficacy of statin therapy in the prevention of need for institutional care and other conditions of the elderly such as diabetes, cognitive decline, cancer and hospitalisation. Statin therapy has been shown to reduce the risk of vascular events in those with manifest atherosclerotic disease or at high risk of vascular events. However the elderly have a high burden of morbidity and therefore symptoms that they often relate to drugs such as statins. This has implications for adherence to therapy and possible benefits. We have 2 opportunities to investigate the phenomenon. Firstly in those who come in through the drug withdrawal arm prior to randomisation and thence subsequent to randomisation.

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Data analysis project which aims to examine which dietary factors are associated with the progression of Multiple Sclerosis using factor analysis