The Citavi team and other users are happy to help.

Hence, to create these references in citavi, I started with

Also is there a corresponding "@bachelorthesis" as well?

Currently, all of Docear’s online services are down. This means, you cannot register, log-in to download backups, or receive recommendations. As we have no time right now for the development of Docear, we are afraid that we won’t be able to fix this problem anytime soon. However, we adjusted the current version of Docear (v1.2) to dynamically deal with this situation. This means, as long as the services are down, the recommendation button is not shown and the registration dialog is not shown when installing Docear for the first time. As soon as the services are up again, all the buttons etc. are automatically shown again.

Then, in the "type of thesis" field, I typed "bachelor" or "master" according to the citing thesis.

The nonlinear solving features are described in

Make a habit of storing all useful references to research literature as you come across them. This practice will save time later when you are writing.

dissertation thesis unpublished master thesis vs doctoral dissertation

If there should be new funding options in the future, we will contact you. In addition, feel free to join the Docear development team as a volunteer. You won’t get paid but you would work on an amazing project that is ideal for learning new technologies and doing great research.

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Here are the MPS files assembled as an archive: .

… and the following new dialog appears. The dialog shows the file name of your PDF file, and the extracted title. In the background, the extracted title is sent to Google Scholar and metadata for the first two search results are shown in the dialog. If the title was extracted incorrectly, you can manually correct it. You may also chose to use the PDF’s file name for the search. For instance, when you named your PDF already according to the title, select the radio button with the file name, and the file name is sent as search query to Google Scholar (you may also manually correct the file name before it’s sent to Google Scholar). Of course, all other options you already know are still available, such as creating a blank entry, or importing the XMP data of PDFs. Btw. Docear remembers your choice, i.e. when you select to create a blank entry, the option will be pre-selected when open that dialog the next time. It might happen, that your IP will be blocked by Google Scholar when you use the service too frequently. If this happens, a captcha should appear, and after solving it, you should be able to proceed. We did not yet test this thoroughly. Please let us know your experiences.

We are also watching the on and will answer your questions there.

Thanks to all the , our student Christoph could work on an improved PDF metadata retrieval for Docear. The new Docear 1.1 is able to and fetch metadata from Google Scholar for that title. To do so, select a PDF in your mind-map and chose “Create or Update reference”, …

This project is supported bythe .

Finally, after releasing the and , today we release . If you have tried already one of the previous versions, there is not much news. Otherwise, read on.

Guide to Writing Your Thesis in LaTeX.

This is how the new workspace panel would look like after you freshly installed Docear and sorted a few PDFs including annotations (click the image to enlarge it).