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Unit I : Fundamentals of Research : Meaning, Objectives and Significance.
Types of Research :- Basic research, Applied, Descriptive, Historical, Exploratory, Experimental, Ex-post-factor and Case study approach.
Approaches to Research:-
a. Quantitative approach:-
i) Inferential
ii) Experimental
iii) Simulation
b. Qualitative approach:-
i) Ethnographic
ii) Phenomenological
iii) Field Research

Importance of research in management decisions:-
Various areas of research in business:
a) Marketing Research
b) Government policies and economic systems
c) Social relationship
d) Planning and operational problems of research in business

Unit II : Research process:-
Selecting the topic, defining the research problem, objectives of research, literature survey, sample design, data collection, execution of project, analysis of data and hypothesis testing, generalization and interpretation and preparation of research report.

Features of good research
Research design - Meaning, need, features of good research design, types of research design -
For exploratory research
For descriptive research
For causal research studies

Unit III : Hypothesis:-
Meaning, importance and types. Formulation of hypothesis and testing of hypothesis.
Chi-square test, Correlation Co-efficient, Regression analysis.
Sampling:- Meaning, Sample and sampling, essentials of good sample. Sample size, methods of sampling:-
a) Probability sampling - cluster sampling, stratified sampling, multi stage sampling.
b) Non- probability sampling:- Purposive sampling, Quota sampling, Convenience sampling.

Unit IV : Sources and Methods of data collection:-
Primary and Secondary data.
a) Primary sources:-
i. Observation
ii. Interview
i. Questionnaire
ii. Interview schedules
b) Secondary sources
Data processing - Tabulation - Data analysis and Interpretation
Report writing - layout of research report

Recommended books :
1. Research Methodology - Methods & Techniques, C.R. Kothari, New Age International Publishers
2. Research Methodology, Krishnaswamy O R, Himalaya Publishing House
3. Business Research Methods, Donald R Cooper & Pamela S Schindler, -
4. Research methods in Business, Nandagopal / Rajan, Excel
5. Research Method for Business - A skill building approach, Uma Sekaram, -
6. esearch Methods, Donald H McBurney, CRC Press
7. Statistics for Management, Levin & Reuben, Prentice Hall
8. Research methods for Management, Dr S Shajahan, Jaico

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009870 SHANTHI R, LALITHA S, ANJUGAM P, PATHAMPRIYAL R ( Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College, Post Graduate and Research, Tiruchirappalli-620 002) : Studies on the quality of water from pulivalam village near Tiruchirappalli.

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Effect of pre and post harvest treatments on the vase life of chrysanthemum (dendramthema grandiflora Tzvelev).(Dr B B Lal Kaushal) Department of Agronomy, Dr Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, 2003