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Guyton, 1972; Thompson, 1975)The decision made by a neuron to fire or not to fire depends on those processes associated with the continuous electrical shifts induced on the cell membrane via the multitude of synaptic terminals impinging on its soma and dendrite fibers.

The continuous intensity of these electric shifts is proportional to the amount and kind of incoming synaptic transmissions.
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Synaptic Transmission: The Quantal Hypothesis, ..

(Gaiton, 1966; Guyton, 1972)The quantal transmission potential necessarily implies that the dissemination of information throughout some twenty six billion neuron cells which build up the human nervous system as a whole is fundamentally a discontinuous process characterized by a finite number of quantal modulatory effects.

Faster oscillatory activities are associated with cognitive processes and are involved in the transmission of information in thalamocortical pathways.
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Each neuron has the unique capacity to integrate all the incoming synaptic transmissions and establishes an overall electrical average which can then be expressed in terms of membrane potential level.

Furthermore a theoretical model of synaptic transmission is presented, taking the spatial distribution of postsynaptic (AMPA-) receptors into account.
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quantum hypothesis of synaptic transmission ..

According to this view, therefore, the informational continuity, wholeness, and integration of all quantal transmissions happening at any given moment in human nervous system functioning is not dependent on the complexity of cerebral organization, but is rather determined by the One rhythmical vaccous pulsation that is the omnipresent heart of an information gathering, processing, and endlessly evolving Cosmos (Lilly, 1975).

Mathematical theory of chemical synaptic transmission

Faced with an operative reality factor involved in nervous system functioning which lies beyond our extensional sensory observation, I adopt the intuitive unified cognition of meditation which fuses the knower with the phenomenon to be known in order to leap across our objective methodological limitation that presently restricts us from developing a preliminary hypothetical description of the aforementioned variable hidden in the apex of all spinning quantum vortical codons.I perceive the hidden variable to be common to and operative in all those quantal codons which effect the deep and peripheral receptor sites of the sensory system as well as those quantal codons which comprise the DNA molecule and its throbbing electrical current.

A major hypothesis for how synaptic transmission can be changed ..

I hypothesized that such an extended meaning was precisely possible because the double helical dynamo employs a primitive storage, coding, and transmission system which involves its most fundamental level of quantum mass-energy functioning.

The failure of quantal synaptic transmission is ..

This means that it would be reasonable to assume that the quantal transmission process takes place at the peripheral and deep receptor sites of the sensory system where outside quantal codons become transformed into the graded neuronal activity which is itself comprised of vortical informational fields of spinning paradoxical energetic action.