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Antithesis - Examples and Definition of Antithesis

d., “I have just spoken of vigour and thoroughness in your spiritual life; let this be such as to leave you gentle and sympathetic with imperfectly-enlightened converts.

But it is not enough that our consciences consent to what we do; it is necessary that it be certified from the word of God.

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, Deities of ,
For since no deep within her gulf can hold
, though and ,
I give not for lost. From this descent
Celestial rising, will appear
More glorious and more dread from no fall,
And trust themselves to fear no second fate:
though just right, and the Laws of
Did first create your Leader, next free choice,
With what besides, in or in Fight,
Hath of merit, yet this loss
Thus at least , hath much more
. The happier state
In , which follows dignity, might draw
Envy from each inferior; but who here
Will envy whom the highest place exposes
to stand against the aim
Your bulwark, and condemns to greatest share
Of endless pain? where there is then no good
For which to strive, no strife can grow up there
From Faction; for none sure will claim in Hell
Precedence, none, whose portion is so small
Of present pain, that with ambitious mind
Will covet more. With this advantage then
To union, and firm Faith, and firm accord,
More can be in , we now return
To claim our just inheritance of old,
Surer to prosper prosperity
Could have us; and by what best way,
Whether of open or covert guile,
We now debate; who can advise, may speak.

Thoreau's  (1854) describes and recommends a spontaneous life of creativity in purposeful union with the natural world.

Either to the King of
We , if be best, or to regain
Our own right lost: him to unthrone we then
May hope when everlasting Fate shall
To fickle Chance, and judge the strife:
The former vain to hope argues as vain
The latter: for what place can be for us
Within bound, unless Lord supream
We overpower? Suppose he should
And publish Grace to all, on promise made
Of new Subjection; with what eyes could we
Stand in his presence humble, and receive
Strict Laws , to celebrate his Throne
With Hymns, and to his Godhead sing
; while he Lordly sits
Our envied , and his Altar breathes
and ,
Our servile offerings. This must be our task
In , this our delight; how
Eternity so spent in worship paid
To whom we hate. Let us not then pursue
By force impossible, by leave
Unacceptable, though in , our state
Of splendid vassalage, but rather seek
Our own good from our selves, and from our own
Live to our selves, though in this vast recess,
Free, and to none accountable, preferring
before the yoke
Of servile Pomp. Our greatness will
Then most conspicuous, when great things of small,
Useful of hurtful, prosperous of adverse
We can create, and in what place so
Thrive under evil, and work ease out of pain
Through and . This deep world
Of darkness do we dread? How oft amidst
doth all-ruling Sire
Choose to reside, his Glory ,
And with the Majesty of darkness round
Covers his Throne; from whence deep thunders roar
rage, and resembles Hell?
As he our darkness, cannot we his Light
Imitate when we please? This
Wants not her hidden , and Gold;
Nor want we skill or , from whence to raise
Magnificence; and what can more?
Our torments also may in length of time
Become , these piercing Fires
As soft as now severe, our temper
Into their temper; which must needs remove
The . All things invite
To peaceful , and the State
Of order, how in safety best we may
Compose our present evils, with regard
Of what we are and , dismissing quite
All thoughts of : ye have what I advise.

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John Locke's views on social justice and a just state began with his belief that all humans are governed by what he calls "natural laws" and are protected by their "inalienable personal rights." Our inalienable rights are life, liberty, health, and property....

5 Things I Learned From The Marine Corps’ Scout Sniper School

O of , Empyreal Thrones,
With reason hath deep silence and
us, though :
And hard, that out of Hell leads up to light;
Our prison strong, this huge ,
Outrageous to devour, immures us round
Ninefold, and gates of burning Adamant
over us prohibit all egress.
These past, if any pass, the void profound
Of Night receives him next
Wide gaping, and with utter loss of being
Threatens him, in that gulf.
If thence he into whatever world,
Or unknown Region, what remains him less
unknown dangers and as hard escape.
But I ill become this Throne, O Peers,
And this Imperial ,
With splendor, with power, if aught
And of public , in the shape
Of difficulty or danger could
from attempting. Wherefore do I assume
These Royalties, and not refuse to Reign,
Refusing to accept as great a share
Of hazard as of , due alike
To him who Reigns, and so much to him due
Of hazard more, as he above the rest
High sits? Go therefore mighty Powers,
Terror of , though ; at home,
While here shall be our home, what best may ease
The present misery, and render Hell
More ; if there be cure or charm
To respite or deceive, or slack the pain
Of this ill Mansion: intermit no watch
Against a wakeful Foe, while I abroad
Through all the Coasts of dark destruction seek
for us all: this
None shall partake with me. Thus saying rose
The Monarch, and prevented all reply,
Prudent, least from his resolution
Others among the chief might offer now
(Certain to be ) what erst they ;
And so might in opinion stand
His Rivals, winning cheap the high repute
Which he through hazard huge must earn. But they
Dreaded not more adventure his voice
Forbidding; and at once with him they rose;
rising all at once was as the sound
Of Thunder heard remote. Towards him they bend
With awful reverence prone; and as a God
him equal to the highest in :
Nor they to express how much they ,
That for the general safety he
His own: for neither do the Spirits
all ; bad men should boast
specious deeds on earth, which glory excites,
Or ambition with zeal.
Thus they doubtful consultations dark
Ended in matchless Chief:
As when from mountain tops the dusky clouds
Ascending, while the North wind sleeps,
face, the
Scowls ore the Snow, or ;
If chance the radiant Sun with farewell sweet
Extend his beam, the fields revive,
The birds notes renew, and bleating herds
Attest joy, that hill and valley rings.
O shame to men! Devil with Devil
Firm concord holds, men disagree
Of Creatures rational, though under hope
Of heavenly Grace; and God proclaiming peace,
Yet live in hatred, enmity, and strife
Among themselves, and cruel ,
Wasting the Earth, each other to destroy:
As if (which might induce us to accord)
Man had not hellish foes besides,
That day and night for his destruction .