STC 691. Special Topics In Public Relations. 3 Credit Hours.

This paper will discuss the day to day operations of public relations (PR).


Whether an organization is not for profit, for profit, or governmental, they still need and desire to communicate their purpose within the community and public relations allows this to happen.

The Practice of Public Relations, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle, NJ (9th ed.).

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Examines how sport organizations attract fan attention and, ultimately, generate revenue by applying strategies and tactics related to public relations, advertising, marketing and sponsorship. Topics include: sport promotion techniques, media relations, new technology, special event planning, ethics of the field, professionalism and career opportunities. Students learn about the practitioner's responsibilities to society, client/organization, fans, media and other practitioner's. Prereq: or or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors.

The two-way symmetrical approachto public relations is an on-going process.

Senior capstone course in public relations issues management for corporations, government and non-profit groups. Working in teams, students design a public communication campaign involving media management, community relations, educational outreach or other methods of advocacy in the public forum for achieving social justice goals using public relations strategies and tactics. Students design public communication campaign proposals for local or national clients. Student campaign designs are read and responded to by industry professionals, the client and the instructor. Students conduct field research, analyze results and incorporate findings in their action plans. Prereq: , , and ; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared PURE majors.

Students are required to complete 18 credits (6 required and 12 elective credits) to complete the Public Relations minor.

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Covers public relations theories and strategic planning processes and how they are applied to "read world" public relations cases and problems. Emphasis is on the role of strategic problem solving and public relations. Case study analysis is used to explore the effectiveness of PR strategies and expose students to a variety of PR applications (e.g., media relations, social media, internal communication, international promotion, investor relations, IMC). Students also learn and discuss ethical decision-making in various PR situations. Prereq: ; cons. of instr.; PURE major or minor.

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"Public relations is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between the organization and its publics" (Seitel, 2004).

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Covers the basics of public relations writing, including the principles of effective professional writing, finding and generating newsworthy information for print, electronic and "new" media. Topics covered include: news releases, fact sheets, brochures, online public relations, media kits, speech writing, crisis communication, and spokesperson training. Writing portfolios are assembled for purposes of future internships and employment. All classes held in a computerized writing laboratory. Prereq: and ; and restricted to declared ADVE, CCOM and PURE majors and minors.

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Grunig 1992)contends that organizations should view pressure from activists groups as"the energy of rejuvenation."In implementing this philosophy into the organizational structure,management will be able to significantly change the way it manages relationswith its publics as well as groups in society.

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An applied course that teaches the fundamentals of cross-platform designs for strategic communication tactics, including print, digital, interactive, mobile and web-based media. Students learn basic design concepts and expand foundational technology skills to support public relations and marketing communication functions. Prereq: and either or . Restricted to declared ADVE, CCOM and PURE majors or minors.