She also runs introductory training courses in psychosynthesis ..

Course for facilitators of the Work That Reconnects; Training and mentoring programs: I.

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The Astrology Institute joins psychology with astrology and practical training in counseling techniques. This course is for advanced students and professionals with an emphasis on human development, personality theory and family systems. Ongoing programs include, a Certificate Training Program in Holistic Astrology, Special Topic Workshops and Classes, with supervision and tutorials in person or by phone. The faculty consists of Joseph and Jill-Laurie Crane, Babs Kirby and Lynn McKenna.

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The course will only be taught once by Ingrid herself. There are no prerequisites and no credit for previous studies. The reason is that Ingrid is teaching her own system. Those who lack basic astrological skills will have time to acquire them and those who lack training in a health discipline will learn a genuinely astrological system.

She learned Native American style drum making with Patrick Pinson of the Mingo tribe and trained in sweatlodge protocol and ceremonies with Ken Littlefish Durrant, medicine man of the Native American Church.

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Person-centred therapy (Dr Carl Rogers);; Psychosynthesis (Dr Roberto Assagioli); psychosynthesis distance learning - Will Parfitt Nov 12, 2016 not everyone wants to do a counselling training which is what most centers Course 1: PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL PSYCHOSYNTHESIS.

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The Centre for Psychological Astrology offers a professional training course in psychological astrology. The main aims and objective are:
a) To provide students with a solid and broad base of knowledge both within the realm of traditional astrological symbolism and technique in the field of psychology, so that the astrological chart can be sensitively understood and interpreted in the light of modern psychological thought.
b) To make available to students psychologically qualified case supervision along with background seminars in counseling skills and techniques that would raise the standard and effectiveness of astrological consultation. It should be noted that no formal training as a counselor or therapist is provided by the course.
c) To encourage investigation and research into the links between astrology, psychological models and therapeutic techniques, thereby contributing to and advancing the already existing body of astrological and psychological knowledge.


(It must be the commune training!) The best bit thoug (to her mind) is that when she gets in from her delivery, she then does a shortened dynamic meditation every day.

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Psychosynthesis Centre, South Transpersonal Courses with Non-Transpersonal Degree Granting Programs courses and workshops in Jungian psychology, mythology, psychosynthesis, comparative Program: College of Complementary Medicine in Australia teaching, Core training | The Psychosynthesis Trust The training is an enriching process of becoming more of who you are – coming home to yourself, nurturing connection and honouring the soul in all human Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Australia The Institute offers Foundation, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Training courses in all aspects of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling.