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In its most basic sense, Psychosynthesis is simply a name for the process of personal growth: the natural tendency in each of us to harmonize or synthesize our various aspects at ever more inclusive levels of organization. In its more specific sense, Psychosynthesis is a name for the conscious attempt to cooperate with the natural process of personal development. All living things contain within them a drive to evolve, to become the fullest realization of themselves. This process can be supported consciously, and Psychosynthesis is one means to do this.

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The counselor's role in this session was to help Sylvia remain focused inthe hypnotic state, and to help her subpersonalities and her effectivelyinteract and communicate with one another through mental imagery. The sessionwas a fluid and organic process, a kind of inner family counseling, andrepresented an expertise born of 22 years' experience by the counselor withthe model and methods of Psychosynthesis and with techniques of mentalimagery.

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Join Didi for one or both of these sessions, directed towards deepening our self-awareness, connecting with others, and stepping with firm feet into whatever path is calling us. The day will be all psychosynthesis, from presence, to purpose, to will and we will live the maps and practices we all know and love at deeper levels, through the lens of our own beings.

These two workshops invite a deep dive into the psychological functions map. Yay Star Diagram!
The sessions are only for people who are psychosynthesis trained. We will all refine the art of being.
Our first session will involve creating a collage as a way of accessing intuition, trusting impulse and allowing imagination to give us guidance. This outcome will be built around a number of processes, including all the stuff you love in psychosynthesis, including being a group, journeying together!

Our second session will explore the integration of body, mind and feelings, while also knowing each as its own puzzle piece. There will be movement! And Thinking! And Feelings! And the quiet mind, fluid body and sweet feeling worlds will come together.

(For those that need it, the day will be set up to meet BCC continuing education credits with a certificate of Training in the Psychological Functions).

Come for one or both. $250 per day or $450 for both! Please register with !

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As an inclusive approach to human growth, Psychosynthesis dates from 1911 and the early work of , an Italian Psychiatrist. Though one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis in Italy, Assagioli maintained that Freud had not given sufficient weight to the “higher” aspects of the human personality, and recognized a need for a more inclusive concept of humanity. From this beginning Assagioli and an increasing number of psychotherapists, educators, physicians, social workers, clergy, and others have worked to develop and refine this inclusive view of human growth. The task is considered to be an open one, one that will never by finished. Each year, new discoveries in psychology, new developments in education, religion, anthropology, physics and other disciplines add to the principles and to the techniques of Psychosynthesis. Psychosynthesis, by its very nature, is always open to new approaches to human development.

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Any method that assists in the personal evolution of a human being is a method useful in psychosynthesis. To be maximally effective, we clearly need to have a broad range of methods and techniques to meet the needs presented by different situations and people. As each person must be treated as an individual, an effort must be made to choose the methods best suited to each person’s existential situation, psychological type, goals, desires and path of development. Some of the methods more commonly used include guided imagery, movement, gestalt techniques, self-identification, creativity, meditation, will development, symbolic art work, journal keeping, ideal models and development of intuition, and many more. The emphasis is on fostering an on-going process of growth that can gain momentum and bring a more joyful and balanced actualization to our lives.

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Our Psychosynthesis training, offered in both live, independent study and distance learning formats, teaches the principles of psychosynthesis and life and business coaching leading to the Psychosynthesis Life Coach Certification and to the internationally recognized Board Certified Coach credential. If you are in the helping fields or ready to make a career change, life coaching may be the next step for you. Find out more: We welcome your inquiries and will set up one-on-one conversations with senior training staff to answer questions, get to know each other and explore this powerful possibility!