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Steps taken to manage the employment relationship, helps to form a positive psychological contract.

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A psychological contract expresses the combination of beliefs and mutual understandings shared by an individual and an employer with regard to the expectations of one another in the workplace.

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As defined by Schein:

‘The notion of a psychological contract implies that there is an unwritten set of expectations operating at all times between every member of an organization and the various managers and others in that organization.’ (Schein, 1965, p156)

This statement has been further modified by Rousseau and Wade-Benzoni who stated that:

‘Psychological contracts refer to beliefs that individuals hold regarding promises made or implied, accepted and relied upon between themselves and another.

Because psychological contracts represent how people interpret promises and commitments, both parties in the same employment relationship (employer and employee) can have different views regarding specific terms’ (Rousseau, Wade-Benzoni, p467)

Psychological contracts differ from conventional employment contracts in that they may contain thousands of items; both parties may have different expectations, since some matters may have been explicitly discussed and others only inferred; and they change as the individual's and the organization's expectations change.

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In an organization several agents act as employers towards their employees and the present study directs the attention to the supervisor’s role in the psychological contract.

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The findings indicate that supervisor communication is an antecedent to psychological contracts, although the results are unclear about how sensitive the supervisor is to individual exchange relationships with employees.

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(2011)Exploring working lives through the framework of thePsychological Contract:A study of Clergy in the Church of England in the 21st Century. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

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The psychological contract, as reported by both employers and employees, provides the main focus of this chapter. It starts by reviewing some of the main conceptual and operational issues in exploring the psychological contract. Analysis reveals that both employers and employees agree that permanent workers have a broader content of the psychological contract than temporary workers. Initial comparison also suggests that there is some imbalance of the psychological contracts of temporary works who promise more than they get in return while employers admit that they do not always fulfil their promises and obligations, particularly to temporary workers.

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(1) Adhocracy cultures have a significant relationship with relational psychological contracts, (2) relational psychological contracts have a significant relationship with affective commitment, and (3) relational psychological contracts mediate the relationship between adhocracy cultures and affective commitment.