The parallels are so striking that it suggest that psi is

As in other psi experiments lauded by Radin, these involve the .

Here he defends meta-analysis as fair and balanced, dismisses the major criticisms of this technique in a few paragraphs, and describes the ganzfeld experiment "as close to the perfect psi experiment as anyone knows how to conduct" (p.

If you guess better than chance, that supports the psi hypothesis.

Rather than canceling each other out, they reinforce each other in what is called "a psi-differential response." What other scientific field would tolerate such nonsense?

Warcollier invented the notion that images are distorted and misperceived by psi people because they were transmitted "scrambled, broken up into component elements which are often transmuted into new patterns" (Radin, EM, p.

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Radin's goal in CU is to bias the reader in favor of psi, and then use the discussion of such things as confirmation bias to pigeonhole skeptical viewpoints.

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14, italics added) and "I propose that the fabric of reality is comprised [sic] of 'entangled threads' that are consistent with the core of psi experience" (p.

The Seven Elements of Psi-Conductive States Edit

The reliability result is the same because at 2,000 hours, the tanks will have encountered 1,333 hours of use at 6 psi, 500 hours of use at 11 psi, and 167 hours of use at 14 psi under all three stress profiles.

The fifth hypothesis suggests that psi ..

Simply put, the stress profile indicates that the tank will experience a pressure of 6 psi for 66.7% of its life, 11 psi for 25% of its life and 14 psi for 8.3% of its life.

(0.087 psi; 6.0 mbar), about 0 ..

Why a brilliant man like would spend his days in pursuit of psi or an equally brilliant would consider pursuit of psi a waste of time is not going to be answered by looking into their IQs or their educational experiences.

for Proponents and Skeptics of Psi

Not one experimenter tested the hypothesis that the blips occurring before being shown a stimulus were due to delayed responses to or memories of earlier experiences with the pictures.

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One egregious example comes in his suggestion that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has declared that belief in psi is a mental disorder (pp.

When the compressed air in the chamber reached the correct PSI…

If there were much hope of finding anything important by psi research, scientists would be fighting for the opportunity to be the one to make the first great discovery.