The voice prosthesis thereafter slides gently into position.

The voice prosthesis is supplied with a Provox® Guidewire for retrograde insertion.

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Now we proudly present the third generation - Provox Vega voice prosthesis with SmartInserter.

Provox Vega - the standard has been raised

Easy airflow

All three diameters* of the Provox Vega protheses have been designed to maximize airflow to help reduce speaking effort.
The inner diameter has been maximized to reduce airflow resistance during speech.

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The valve is recessed and totally encased by the prosthesis hood minimizing direct exposure of the valve to the esophagus.

Easy cleaning & maintenance

Advanced design components of the voice prosthesis and cleaning accessories.
A 360° hood protects the valve flap.

Easy choice

The oval shaped tracheal flange is less likely to rotate.
A smooth nonirritating edge is made possible by integration of the safety strap on the face of the tracheal flange.

With three (3) diameters in six lengths each, there’s a Provox Vega right for just about everyone!

Innovative hygienic placement and replacement
The SmartInserter™** provides a whole new way of placing the Provox Vega.

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Patients and methods Once patients had been fully informed and given their consent, the Provox-Vega® puncture set was used in 21 patients in either a primary (16) or a secondary (5) procedure.

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In 1990, the first Provox voice prosthesis was introduced, followed by the second generation, Provox2, in 1997. Provox has made a global impact. Now we proudly present the third generation - Provox Vega voice prosthesis with SmartInserter.

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In a multicenter clinical study 100% of the voice prostheses could be placed using the Provox Vega Puncture Set; 89% of the procedures required no additional instruments.

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Device-life assessment, subjective data collection with study-specific structured questionnaires, perceptual analysis (Comparative Mean Opinion Score), and objective voice analysis (standard Dutch text, maximum phonation time, and dynamic range).
Device life of both prostheses appears comparable to Provox2.

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Use of Smart Inserter showed a short learning curve, and was considered an improvement by the clinicians.
The new Provox Vega 22.5 and 20 Fr prostheses have a device life comparable to Provox2, whereas voicing is better than (with the 22.5Fr version) or comparable (with the 20 Fr version) to Provox2.

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1. There are little brushes, 2 or 3 to a package, found where you would buy toothbrushes and floss. The brushes are straight or tapered and are the perfect size to insert "gently" into the prosthesis to clean out any mucous that might have it stopped up. Take care and don't push the brush in far enough to hit the esophagus. I store or clean my brush in a medicine cup of peroxide. (Pat Sanders)