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Naturally, if insulin is able to extend or amplify the post-workout burst in protein synthesis, .

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This originally came as quite a surprise, because insulin is a potent activator of protein synthesis. Insulin activates mTOR by way of PI3K/akt signaling, which is parallel to the pathways used by amino acids and mechanical stress to activate mTOR.

There are three times for increasing protein/amino acid availability to augment the acute increase in protein synthesis caused by training:

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The insulin response from carbs may synergistically amplify protein synthesis in the presence of amino acids. Insulin is also a powerful inhibitor of protein degradation.

Muscle growth occurs whenever the rate of muscle protein synthesis is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown.

An adaptation to exercise (protein synthesis) can be enhanced by controlling the type of protein, the amount of protein consumed and the timing of protein consumption. Doctors of Chiropractic may impact patient outcomes by using empirical evidence about protein consumption and exercise to maximize protein synthesis.

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Interestingly, a single bout of exercise stimulates protein synthesis within 2-4 hours after the workout which may remain elevated for up to 24 hours (Rasmussen and Phillips, 2003).

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The primary objective of this review is to describe protein metabolism and exercise as it relates to the practice of chiropractic health care. The spine does not consist solely of bone. Skeletal muscle plays a pivotal role in providing the spine with support, movement, proprioception and endurance. When patients engage in exercise, whether it is aerobic or resistance, muscle breaks down and rebuilds protein in response to the stimulus. New empirical evidence exists that can optimize the relationship between stimulus and response. As stated previously, most Doctors of Chiropractic incorporate exercise and nutrition in practice. Recognizing and applying empirical evidence on how the type, timing and amount of protein intake influences adaptation can help doctors and patients achieve optimal results.

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Nutrients have a potent effect on the protein synthetic machinery, and timing them right can make or break your training progress. While there's no ideal, one-size fits all solution for everyone – that depends on individual insulin sensitivity, metabolism, body type, and goals – we've set you up with a peri-workout nutritional strategy based on the latest scientific research that can be easily modified to suit every lifter's needs. Use it as a template to maximize protein synthesis and grow like never before.

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This paper describes the impact of nutrition and exercise on protein synthesis. Resistance exercise is a powerful signal that can be augmented by the amount, timing and type of protein consumed. The mechanism behind protein synthesis is complex and fascinating. A more complete understanding of this topic may allow the chiropractic physician to develop more effective strategies for increasing or preserving skeletal muscle throughout life.

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This hormone can stimulate growth hormone responses in the pituitary, which enhances cellular amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in skeletal muscle.