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The cleavage of a sample is also a reliable method to monitor the completion of the Fmoc cleavage.

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Malanotan II is a synthetic analog of the body’s natural melanocortin peptide hormone – the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH). It is being developed as a tanning agent for skin and as a drug to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

This phenomenon has been attributed to the self-association of the peptide chain by formation of hydrogen bonds [46].

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When the color tests keep revealing the presence of unreacted amino functions after recoupling, it is necessary to cap these to avoid the formation of deletion sequences. The capping will yield a truncated sequence (shortened pep- tide) but the truncated sequences differ generally considerably from the final peptide and can be readily separated.

After the cleavage the sample is analyzed by HPLC as Fmoc protected and free amino sequences are usually well separated in a standard HPLC gradient.

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A recent publication has described the in situ preparation of Fmoc amino acid chlorides by reaction with bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate and their use in difficult couplings [36].

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Fmoc amino acid chlorides can also be used but their applicability is more limited [33]; also acid-sensitive groups may not be present when treating Fmoc amino acids with oxalyl chloride or thionyl chloride to obtain the acid chlorides [34,35].

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Reliable methods detecting minute amounts of unreacted amino groups are essential for the monitoring of the coupling reaction. On the other hand the ability of detecting small quantities of Fmoc peptide allows the control of the completion of the Fmoc cleavage.

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Also small scale manual SPPS as well as multiple peptide synthesis and the synthesis of pep- tide libraries can be performed very rapidly and conveniently with preformed active esters. Fmoc-AA-ONp and Fmoc-AA-OSu have found only restricted application in SPPS.

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The same is true for the activation of Fmoc-His(Trt)-OH since racemization catalyzed by the nitrogen of the imidazole ring may occur. For the coupling of especially bulky amino acids such as Aib, Tic, ... or in the case of recognized difficult coupling we recommend the replacement of HOBt by HOAt, or the use of other activating agents.

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Repeated incomplete deprotection of the αamino function as well as difficulties in obtaining a complete coupling reaction are some of the problems caused by the on resin aggregation of the peptide chain.