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The 'Baking the cake! DNA making proteins' activity in this section allows an opportunity to overcome common misconceptions held regarding DNA and protein synthesis and the idea that mutations are always harmful.

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LAYNE: I’m a little different – not too dissimilar. I do dietary recall. I have them track their numbers for about a week and tell me if they are gaining, maintaining, or losing. I will sometimes do bodyweight times a number. But based on that number is where I may start them out. I have a gal who was getting ready for a show because she was 35 lbs over her show weight. She only gave me 18-20 weeks to get her ready. It’s a lot of body fat for a woman to lose in that period of time. It turns out she was maintaining on over 3500 calories a day at 170 lbs. I was able to diet her down on 2500 calories a day, if it was 12x it would have been 2040. Bodyweight x a certain number will work for most people. You’ll have the opposite at times when you’ll have someone maintaining on 1200 calories and doing a ton of cardio and 12x bodyweight won’t work, but in that case, I tell them to consider reverse dieting. We will also have a show covering that for sure. I set calories first and protein I set around 1g per pound mark, unless someone is obese. Age also comes into play, other factors.


A promotor region signals the start of a gene, and a terminator region signals the end of a gene.
-Only 1 strand of DNA is transcribed.

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The analogy of a recipe is used to explain the idea of DNA coding for proteins, just as a recipe tells you how to make a cake or gingerbread man. If there is a mistake in the recipe (DNA), it might mean that the cake (protein) will not be made properly. Variations in the genetic code can result in a disorder, for example Connor (in the film from Genes Are Us website) has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. However, it is important to point out that not all changes are harmful, for example differences in DNA sequence determine which colour eyes and hair a person has.

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Your body can read DNA to give it instructions. It is similar to the way you would read a recipe to help you bake a cake. DNA provides the information to tell your body how to make different proteins.