Cancer patient, 64, keeps his magnetic prosthetic nose …

Our nasal prosthetics are one of a kind and made custom to our clients

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The foam is run at a high speed to create a fluffy latex prosthetic that looks, feels and moves naturally with the body or face, yet is strong enough to last an entire shooting day.

Typically made of polydimethylsiloxane, a nose prosthesis is flexible and made to move with the skin.

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The nasal (nose) prosthesis artificially restores structural and soft tissue which is congenitally malformed or lost due to surgery, cancer, trauma, or burns. Restoration with a custom nasal prosthesis is a safe effective treatment for any lost nasal tissue when surgical reconstruction is not indicated or has previously failed. In some cases a nasal prosthesis can be used as an interim measure while awaiting further surgical intervention

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There are other types of implant also manufactured by companies such as . The inflatable device is coated with a special coating of antibiotic solution, which appears to lower the risk of infection of the prosthesis. The risk of infection following implant surgery should be less than 5%. When choosing an implant, our patients are extensively counselled before such surgery. The other type of implant is the malleable device where malleable rods are placed into the corpora cavernosa of the penis, as opposed to the cylinders with inflatable device. In the case of the inflatable implant, the penis becomes erect by squeezing the pump, which results in fluid from the reservoir entering the cylinders. In the case of malleable implant, the actual rigidity of the implant keeps the penis erect, and following intercourse the patients can bend the penis downwards. Once a decision has been made that a patient wishes to have a penile implant (this is usually after all medical treatments have failed, including injections, tablets, vacuum device and MUSE®), the patient is usually brought in the day before surgery. Patients have an antiseptic cream placed in the nose, and also are advised to have a shower with antiseptic solution. On the day of surgery patients will receive a shave and rigourous scrub in theatre.

A nose (nasal) prosthesis is a type of craniofacial prosthesis used to replace an absent nose